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    1995 hi-lux surf 3ltr td ssr-x import THATS BROKE!!!
  1. Hi guys 'n' girls, Well after 15 years the surf has had a heart attack.... ..... the alternator gave up the ghost and the battery's have gone flat. all as i was about to start a new job got in the old girl turned the key and kaput!!! so she will have to sit there untill i can afford the new part. all i have to say is...... :censor: :censor: :censor: :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: :censor: :censor: :censor: :censor: :ffs: :ffs: AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. End of rant!
  2. i'm near chelmsford in essex and we got about 1cm ish but cos i live in the stix the snow drifts will get to about 1- 2 ft!!! out comes the surf!
  3. the fuse box should be in the passenger foot well under the dash OR depending on the extras on the car on the top part of the centre console? try your central locking switch on the drivers door?? welcome to the club.
  4. i have made a gamer forum and i'm trying to drum up interest in it. if you want to know the address pm me and i'll let you know. thanks
  5. very easy to drive. i got my ticket for one in 3 days!!!! but hade to do it at a landfill
  6. about £2.50 would be good!!!! i'm looking at over a few years about 10k ish??
  7. I have decided to do a few mods to the old girl. will start by jacking her up a bit a few off road extras any advice on what else to do?? ta guys your the best ;)
  8. how much is a winch?? i'm also thinking about jacking the old girl up??
  9. yep i have started to write my recipe book after years of putting them on little bits of paper lol
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