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  1. Look here: http://www.group5-web.com/ unfortunally not in english, but easy to navigate In Germany we got the TE71 as Sedan with GL Trim, but only withe the 2T-engine. But in other Countries all other engines were built in there: 2T, 3T-C, 2T-G, 2T-GE, 1C, 3A, 4A...
  2. The third meeting at Peter Pichert´s Toyota Museum near Passau, Germany: Klick onto the Banner!
  3. You should look for Engine/Transsmission/Braking/...technical Parts of the Corolla Versions TE3#, TE5# or TE7#... These were sold very often in US...
  4. The Sralet RW-Engine is K-Type (1K, 2K, 3K or 4K) an does not match to the FWD Transmission of your Tercel. The Tercel AL1# should have a 2A or 3A engine. This is an newer Type of Engine...
  5. R-Type engines a without exception Gasoline Engines. In Germany the 12R Engine was built in the Hiace-Bus of the H2 Generation, so it´s a RH2#. The same Bus could be orderes in a Diesel Version, called LH2#. The Engine there was the 1L with 2188ccm an 62PS. Later 2L and 2L-T Types werde built in. Those 1L-Engines were even used in Crowns an Cressidas (Corona, MarkII...) in the beginning of the 80´s.... I know that one Type of Transmission Type wich was used on 1L Engines was the W4#/W5# Type. Greetings from germany...
  6. It´s an TE71, like my other one, too...
  7. @Scot: I ask because of your Statement "(uses same gear box)"... I Think the 4K-Engine will use an K-Transmission, like the 5K in my friend´s Starlet, not T-Types...? Greez Alexs
  8. To get only some more Power, you could Install the two Carburator-Bridge from the 3K-B Engine on your 4K-Block. If you want to get more Power, you can do some Double Weber or Solex Carburators (therefore you need a special intake manifold) on it und tune it with a special camshaft, and Exhaust Manifold.... Look on a friend´s KP60 Starlet with about 100HP....it goooooooooeeees!!!!
  9. I´ve got an AE92 wich was 4A-F fitted in 1989. The Engine runs very good, even it got only 90HP (European PS). It is not slower than a 4A-FE Engine in same car wich has 105Hp. The Engine´s got 236000KM an there was no Problem with it... Greets Alex
  10. It was a very nice Weekend!!! Very muchy Youngtimer, Yaris AE86 usw... pics!!! Look here: http://www.toyotaoldies.de/korso2003-1.html
  11. What Kind of Corolla do you have? KE,AE or TE kind (I think it shoud be an E7?)... If it´s TE you can ad a Transmission like T40 oder T50 to your car. To get a very good drift-car, you shoud get an rear-axle from an TA40 Celica or something like this. It make awider track an you could use a limited slip differntial od the ST oder GT Version...
  12. @knowlson: Wanna read more about that car? Klick here It´s a car of www.gtn.ch !!! @all: I had a lot of fun with the translation-machine....But I think you will understand the most, even when there are many funny mistakes....
  13. How does a Toyota look in Germany? Look here: http://www.toyotaoldies.de/speyer/speyer2003.html or http://www.toyotaoldies.de/treffen.html for the other Meetings in the past. Now the next meeting will be the "Ring-Korso-meeting" at the Nürburgring/Germany during the Yaris-Cup ( Klick here for Info! ) from Saturday the 12. July 2003 to Sunday the 13th. The "Korso" will start on Sunday. If you want to see pictures from last year, look....here! Newest Information can be found there: Toyota-Stars Greetings from germany! Alex
  14. Hi!!! I´m from Germany an want to introduce myself.... I´m doing the Webpage www.Toyotaoldies.de ,perhaps you know it. Unfortunally this side is only in german language, I haven´t found time to fix it in english up to now. But I think i´s navigable, even when you don´t understand german. Since I got my driving licence I´m driving an E7-Corolla, under this Thread you can see my third one, wich I got two years ago. I take it as an every-day-car, but before next wint winter comes, I want to save ist and go for a real winter Car. These days I bought an AT180-Celica. Then theres is an other TE71 Corolla, wich will be rebuild this year- it was my second car that I bought in 1991. Baut last year I noticed a lot of rust at the Crossmember... A lot of work to do! Now here you can see the picture of my all-day-car: Greetings from Germany.... Alex
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