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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday Bugs!

  2. Not done one myself but the garage I usually use wouldn't do it as he was unfamiliar with it and had heard it was a bit of a bugger!
  3. had 2 new clutches recently (one in the T Sport one in the Comp) quoted £600 + labour from Toyota, my local mechanic did it for £300 using the same parts.
  4. Nice T Sport matey, I'm sure you will have plenty of fun driving it when you get used to the power range ;)
  5. Having equally gorilla sized hands I was researching this just the other day, This is what you need (thanks nrgizerbunny) have fun oh large fisted one.
  6. Hi Simon AFAIK the facelift gets the new front grille, dropped by ~5mm has the white dials and metal pedals and possibly the red/black interior? I believe the lift bolts were changed to the newer ones on all the facelifts at the manufacturer stage but again this would need clarification. I had a pre facelift before and I loved it, the only thing I really wanted for were the white dials (which can be obtained easily enough)
  7. even the old ones seemed to fail at the radiator! I had a 92 Rolla executive owned it till about mid 00's the only thing that ever went wrong was the radiator!
  8. If it isn't operating automatically then with the windows up hold the switch down till the window is down (keep holding the button for a few secs) then hold it up until the window is all the way up (and again keep holding the switch up) you will hear a little click and your windows will now be automatic again, have to usually do this every time the battery is disconnected. As for the catching, can't help you there fella.
  9. Why thank you :) I love it, best thing I have ever bought... Ever
  10. Until my t***y ex walked out and I had to sell it. Gutted wasn't the word! Fast forward 5 years and I have just picked this up, it's very very nice.
  11. Bugs

    Yanp 1.jpg

    I got my springs direct from Toyota so they are the TTE ones (which are rebranded Eibach IIRC) think the drop was about 20mm
  12. There is a lad local to me that has R5 its most certainly not stock but it has me everytime in the CTS. Ugly as hell mind, but they are quick. Doubt there are any stock ones left, they all seem to have had the chav treatment. Bugs
  13. u must drive like a nun! Dont you use lift? Im only jealous really cos i cant get more than 290 out of a full tank of v power usually about 250 tho Thank funk for that, ive been reading other peoples miles and im like errrrr i get nothing of the sort! i dont even think i have ever had a 290 usually about 270 for me and i swear i dont drive like a complete knob, sure i hit lift once in a while and i live in the sticks so the country roads take a pounding. i would be so happy to get anywhere near the 300 mark....... just once eta I usually use v power but my local garage is having the forecourt spruced up so im currently on BP ultimate i always imagine different gains when i switch between the 2 but i prefer the V Power, just feels better
  14. I see hardly any T sports here in Leicester I know there is another member on here but apart from him ive only ever see about 2 others. CTR's seem to be the flavour of the month here (and everywhere it seems)
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