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  1. Thanks for the clarification Twincam.... Cheers Aj
  2. Hi, I have a 2000 corolla 1.6 auto vvti vida .. I dont think the cam belt has ever been changed... it has done 52000 miles so far... Does the cam belt need to be changed ??? or can I wait till 59 k Miles... any pointers most welcome.. Cheers Aj
  3. Hi Steve, Thanks for your feedback.. My concern is it should do the job when needed and also pass the MOT.. cheers Aj Hi! The return rate on toyota seat belts does tend to slacken off with use around this mileage. This does not normally impede the performance of the belt as long as you make sure the belt is in contact with you before you drive off. I have used every model of the corolla since 1982 as driving school cars and never had to replace belts for this reason. Had 2 that needed to be replaced because of belt wear but I expect that with my high usage. It is likely that if you replace it with a used belt you may experience the same problem. If it bothers you then a new one is perhaps the only answer. Have you priced them up at your local Toyota dealer? You may get a pleasant suprise. They are not as expensive as you may think to replace new if my memory serves me right they come in at around £50-£60. If you are a bit persuasive you might even get 10% off that if you tell them that you are a regular customer and a Toyota fanatic. Steve.
  4. Hi, Can anyone Please tell me how to change the seat belt on the drivers side 2000 corolla , Is it easy DIY or I need a mechanic to do it?? Cheers Ajex
  5. Hi Folks, My drivers seat belt has become quite lax and probably needs to be changed.... Just 50.00 miles on the clock Is it usual for seat belt to go at this mileage though the car is X regn.or is it symptom of the car having done much more than it is showing ( bought the car 1 year back with 44k miles and so far no reason to suspect it) :D Corolla Drivers seat belt - Available on Ebay for £ 35 and another reseller for £ 5 ( but out of stock) , any ideas / pointers about alternate availability most welcome... Cheers Ajex
  6. 2000,X reg,VVTI Vida Auto, only 47,000 Miles... Cheers Ajay
  7. Hi, I am interested in Buying this ... Toyota corolla Haynes owners workshop manual 97-01 IF ANY ONE HAS A SPARE COPY OR KNOW WHERE i CAN GET IT IT WILL BE GREAT HELP.. HALFORDS DONT HAVE IT... Please reply by email with contact number and price.. jpaaji@yahoo.co.uk Ajex
  8. Friends, What is the fuel tank capacity of this vvti vida 1.6 - 2000 model... My manual says 50 but I can fill max 37 litres even after topping it up when the tank shows empty and fuel warning light comes on.. Making me wonder if it is 40 litres.. many thanks ajex
  9. Thanks Cowdenite Friends any suggestions to Improve Fuel Efficiency... Cheers ajex
  10. Hi Juler, Appreciate your guidance... will definitely try it out.. From your consumption does it mean that for 1.6 Automatic I should not expect more than 35 mpg???
  11. Hello, I have been using 2000 vvti auto vida - 1.6 for more than couple of months. I find it very good and very comfortable athough the power steering is not exactly great, It has clocked authentic 45,000 miles only. But I have started taking it on M4 at off peak times at max speed bet 60-70 and the fuel on board computer said 30.2 mpg on a 110mile run, (not using the brakes at all).This I have seen on 3 consecutive instances. I use Tesco 95 octane petrol. Is this Fuel consumption normal??? What can I do besides good driving habit to improve the fuel consumption.. What change should I attempt ??? reading here I see various suggestions such as oil change/air filter /spark plug/oil filter / fuel system filter improve the fuel consumption ??? I am confused what to do though feel the consumption is on higher side. Your guidance highly appreciated... Many thanks for taking the time to read my query Cheers ajex - brentford
  12. Farhan, Thank you for the repairer address... what sort of £££ damages I am looking at any guesses.... cheers ajex
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