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  1. Point taken ,and no offence taken. I actually prefer to sell the kit as a whole, for fitting to a Hayabusa, but I've had an enquiry for just the headers etc without the turbo unit itself, so thought I'd see if there was interest.
  2. Hey guys. I have a custom-built turbocharger for sale, it was meant for my 1300cc bike, which has been kindly written off by a gentleman pulling out of a side street with his eyes shut, and built to provide 275 - 300BHP. It's been run only the one time, so is in "as new" condition. It will fit onto a T2 mating flange, I can provide dimensions for bolt hole spacings etc. It IS NOT a unit ripped off an old diesel, as these are not suitable for petrol engines (the shafts melt), as I say it is purpose-built, therefore has no model denomination, but is easily suitable for a 2-litre car engine, and features "variable nozzle technology" VNT system which means it produces boost very early on, meaning little or no lag. It comes fitted with braided steel oil lines (although these are quite short as suited to the bike application). This turbo would not be a straight swap for a toyota, requiring a manifold adapter and exhaust modification, so only consider it if you think having a lag-free turbo is worth the (big) effort and money input required. Anybody ineteresed email me and I'll get right back. Price is £500.
  3. I don't like it, not my cup of tea. Please don't be offended, I can appreciate the work and the quality, it's the style I don't like.
  4. Hi guys. The car I re-built the engine for is for sale. The owner has lost interest in the project and needs the room, so he is selling everything he has. This includes: "B" reg Mk1, almost ready for MOT testing. Includes 6 original alloys with very good tyres.The car need some work on the body (but is not a rust bucket IMHO) Email the owner for further details. This car can be heard running and includes a sweet engine (from a "D" plate AW20) with skimmed, rebuilt and re-shimmed head, built with complete new top gasket set. Here is a pic of the head I built (Search for MK1 fun thread) : Spare parts include: Mk1 bonnet and boot Pair of electric mirrors Complete pair of headlight assembly inc motors Dismantled engine Good gearbox ECU Also includes brand new set of metal brackets for securing front bumper. Bragain price for an easy project for summer : £350. I think all it needs for the road is some cosmetic work.This car will be going for MOT next week and if it passes the owner will be putting it on eBay for £500 reserve. eMail mattboyd1971@hotmail.com
  5. Geri

    A/f Meter Link

    Someone just posted this on a turbo bike forum. Might interest some of you turbo owners who fiddle with boost settings and worry about detonation. http://www.j-w-racing.co.uk/acatalog/gauges.html
  6. Heh count yourselves lucky. I got quoted £250 on top of my normal premium, for fitting a supercharger to my bike. Then all of a sudden this turbo kit comes up cheap (£1100) so I snapped it up, and phoned my insurance company for confirmation. Seems that although I can get insured for the supercharger on the road, no-one will touch a turbo or nitrous (my kit is fitted with a nitrous spraybar too). Looks like it's drag-racing only this year, until I find the £2600 +vat for a supercharger kit.
  7. Bibbs he needs one of these: Custom-built Garrett VNT turbo rated for 300BHP.The VNT system dramatically reduces turbo lag.
  8. Geri

    My Car On A Dyno

    The big rims and tyres should have been compensated for when they did the run, and shouldn't affect the result, unless the tyres weren't scrubbed in etc and you were getting scrubbing on the drum. The dyno should be measuring your engine RPM as well as the drum speed to figure into it's calculations. My bike gets the same RWHP, within 4bhp with 3 different gearings. The rolling road dyno only measures power at the wheels, flywheel power is only a guess. The majority of bikers will quote RWHP because that is what is actually measured. If everybody, everywhere quoted RWHP, there would be no speculation and arguments about how much geartrain loss to include etc.
  9. Geri

    Turbo Problem

    How does the ECU sense the octane rating of the fuel? I find it difficult to believe that it can do this.
  10. I'm sorry but I'm not keen on the TRD one either.Reminds me of a Ginetta G32, in that the door doesen't look like it belongs anywhere near the rest of the kit.
  11. But your car has a really lovely shine
  12. Aah, I didn't know.Thank you for the correction.
  13. Topic says Mr2 though...
  14. The front look a lot better, but , and please don't be offended, the number plate is on wonky and that bolt really lets it down :(
  15. Geri

    New Here

    aaah right - thanks
  16. Geri

    New Here

    Please explain more about this pulley conversion Rhaines.What does it involve exactly?I'm almost finished rebuilding my mates 4age in his aw11.
  17. Geri

    T-bar For Sale

    Hi guys. One of the 200mph club (bikers forum) is selling his T-Bar. Details can be found here: http://www.200mph.net/yabbse/index.php?boa...y;threadid=6468
  18. I've just bumped into a guy who rides a Hayabusa like me, and who also works in a Toyota dealer. He said they do 2 types of coolant, green and red.The red stuff is for japanese-built engines (MR2) and the green stuff is for uk-built engines like the (corolla etc).Anyway he said the MR2 MUST have red coolant. He also got me the spares I need for my mate's AW11 at a fantastic price, after I sorted out a problem on his bike. :D
  19. Geri

    Dam It!

    How is the hot/cold switch operated on the MR2? If if is a cable maybe it has come loose from it's clip/whatever?
  20. That tuneacar site is truly horrible!!
  21. A long-time Toyota fitter near us told us it's better NOT to use the Toyota red because it is so very corrosive.
  22. Geri

    Track Days

    5k? Wow!What I wouldn't give to have my bike tyres last half as long!
  23. Geri


    Hi Harvey.Thanks, it is my pride and joy. Believe it or not there's only 1/2 a litre of flip paint on the bike, and I bought a whole litre.My sister is having her bike sprayed with the remaining 1/2 litre (why waste £90).I'd bet you could do an MR2 with a litre and a half very easily and probably get 4 coats out of it.
  24. Geri


    Hi Dan I painted my bike with paint from Rage. the colour is Rage ecstacy blue/green R6003. http://peterrimmer.myby.co.uk/images/busa1.jpg http://peterrimmer.myby.co.uk/images/busa2.jpg http://peterrimmer.myby.co.uk/images/busa3.jpg The colour change with these paints is very striking if you can get 3 coats on a black background.The pics on the website show a much brighter, radioactive green, but my bike is a darker colour and ranges from a sparkly green/blue in very bright sunlight to a deep green or blue at dusk, when I think it looks best. Bike was painted by Chappell Coachworks in West Kingsdown, Kent.His work is excellent quality and prices very reasonable.If you were to paint your whole car with a flip-colour paint I'd think you'd need between £800-£1000 all in.
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