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  1. SCO-77K


    thanx man! great site, will be good when we get some more ppl there. Come on Aussies get ya asses to that site!!
  2. SCO-77K


    My name is scott, my nick is my plate number and the 77 stands for two Ts. anyway, have fun at schoolies mate!
  3. SCO-77K


    Yeh im from sydney. Hey blair you should join www.celica.net us sydney ppl are always having cruises and theirs a few newy guys that always come down.
  4. Hey mate, The SX is the better of the two. The ST has the old camry engine (3S-FE) and the SX has a 3S-GE which is the faster of the two. I think there is something like 15 kWs difference between the two (correct me if im wrong) ps: are you from aus?
  5. I got new wheels what you guys think? :D their 17"x7.5" Kool 6's with 205/40R17 tyres here are some pics, as you can see i really need to lower her, getting that done in a couple of weeks
  6. man nice looking car! i really like black 5th gens
  7. Liftback is what my car is
  8. Well that explains a lot, you dont even have a 4th gen celica, its a 3rd gen, They are very different cars to the 88 gt-s. for one their rear wheel drive. and the engine is completly differnt.
  9. hey man dont know how much it would be to install the engine but here is a page to give you some ideas on prices of the engine itself http://www.tpautomotive.com/vShopping/toyota.htm
  10. http://www.toysport.com/ and also try http://www.tpautomotive.com/vShopping/toyota.htm hope that helped
  11. if you can find a front clip of a ST205 GT4, that would be a great engine swap
  12. there was a crazy :censor: on celica.net that put a 3rd gen 3S-GTE from the ST205 in an 87 ST162, so im guessing if you can put that in you could put the 3S-GE in.
  13. I can only think of a pod ?
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