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  1. Hi guys. Would be really grateful for some advice. Got an Avensis 2.2 estate on a 57 plate.My rear window washer has stopped working. I suspect that the motor has blown as there is no sound when i try to wash the rear window. I understand that the motor unit is situated by the drivers wheel arch but i dont know what im looking for. Is it a bugger of a job to do. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks once again.
  2. Did it this morning. Really easy to do. Enjoyed doing it. The valve was absolutely clogged up as was the chamber below. Gave it a really good clean and it's all sparkling. Put it all back together and took itout for a short drive. No limping or cutting out. A little bit of smoke out of the back so gave it a good blow through and it's fine. The engine warning light has now gone so I assume that the ECU has decided that the car is now ok. Once again many thanks to you all :)
  3. Thank you guys so much. You've been such a help. Really appreciate it. Spent the night worrying about how I was gonna afford sorting this out but I'll definitely give it a try. Was a bit concerned because the RAC fella said it al needed recalibrating !!!
  4. You are a star. I'll give it a go when it stops raining. Lol. Is it still ok for me to drive tho. Really need it for work tomorrow.
  5. It's on a 57 plate and a 2.2
  6. Hi there. I was hoping someone could help me. I've had the Rac out today because my Toyota Avensis Estate suddenly lost power whilst driving. The guy plugged my car in and told me that my EGR valve was either clogged or broken. My question is ' Is my car still ok to drive or would I do any further damage. He blew to exhaust out using the accelerator pedal and we took it for a short drive and the car was fine. Unfortunately my garage isn't open until next week and Toyota Jemca have quoted me £600 to get the job done. I'd be very grateful for any help. Many thanks
  7. I've got an avensis 2l d4d which has done 52,000 miles.Does anyone know if there is an indicator service light that comes on when you reach the service mileage.Nothing has come up but today the yellow engine icon has come up.On looking at my manual it says that I have a malfunction in either my electrical system,engine control system or emission control system which is worrying me,although the car is running beautifully at the mo.Does this icon represent a servicing need or something more worrying.Also can anybody who is local to Orpington recommend a trusted servicing garage.Many many thanks
  8. I've got an d4d avensis and have had it for about six months.I am very pleased with it. I have noticed however that when the car is washed or in certain weather conditions that condensation appears in the rear light unit.Although it doesn't seem to affect my rear lights I am sligfhtly concerned that this may happen.Is this something to have dealt with or is it ok.Many thanks for any advice. Rich
  9. I've just been quoted £157-00 for a 50,000 miles service,not including brakes and £561-00 for a full 60,000 service.I nearly said a very rude word :censor:
  10. Thanks a lot. This was just what I was looking for. Hopefully it is the same on the Avensis. Cheers Rich
  11. Went down to my local Halfords today to buy a Haynes manual for my 53 2.0 d4d avensis.Apparently there isn't one.Got a squeaking from my front brakes and think that they need changing.Can anyone tell me how easy it is to do this and how much brake pads and discs cost. TA Rich
  12. Just bought d4d 2.0ltr. Are there any major problems with the electrics.I hear that Toyotas have very few electrical problems. What do other people think :D
  13. I recently purchased my car and looking through my manual it appears that I may have voice recognition to use my cd/cassette player.Is this so. If so,how do I activate it. Ta
  14. Last week I took my heart (and my credit rating) in my hands and purchased an Avensis 2.0 ts3 d4d on a 53 plate.The car has done 45,000 miles Part of the deal that I got was a two year warranty that covers everything except the electrical system in my car. What worries me is that should anything go wrong with the electrical system or ECU it is going to cost me a fortune to repair. My questions are; 1)How good is the electrical system on these cars.Does anything seem to go wrong with either the electrics or the ECU. 2)Should I get a special warranty for the electrics and if so does anyone know
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