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  1. December 21st 2056 aged 81 years Cancer 38% Alien Abduction 13% Suicide 6% Cant remember the others I must live a boring life!!!
  2. OMG, Sure you want to own up to knowing about that site though
  3. Nice, its alright for some. Sure you won't have any probs finding a carsitter! I think its great you're going to make your name in the Canadian !Removed! industry!
  4. Sorry Dan, i hang my head in shame!
  5. Very nice and sooo shiny!
  6. Jen

    Has To Be Done!

    Don't say that Jerry now i've got to go clean my car tomorrow :censor: Medion, glad you love it but you're not like the adverts are you, you don't wrap it in bubble wrap before you'll leave it in a car park!
  7. Jen

    Annoying Rattles

    What bass?, you obviously haven't heard it!
  8. Jen

    Annoying Rattles

    I keep the radio up loud so i don't hear them, it works for me
  9. Jen


    Hi Scot, like to say i'm going out on a two day bender but sadly no, xmas shopping, family round sat night and then out all day Sunday, hopefully cleaning my car in there somewhere as it really needs it.
  10. Hi i've got a five door and i prefer the look of the threes just had a five because of the practicalities of getting a baby in and out. Threes just look sportier to me.
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