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  1. Hi. I'm after a set of 4 17 inch Alloy Wheels that will fit a Avensis T22 - or any of the following i photo below please. Good condition would be favourable - but definitely not damaged please. I am in Southampton so ideally local or within reason. Thanks in advance. Bill.
  2. Hi. The car came like that when I bought it so I wouldn't know.... Although I find it strange that the other readouts work ok...??? And I cannot be the only person that has fitted a aftermarket headunit... Or maybe I am taking into account the amount of responses. I'll maybe pull it out and check the connections. Thanks anyway.
  3. Thank you once again! Genuinely too kind..... But I had just finished cleaning and polishing it.... It is parked on the street because taking up the drive are my Celica (Gen 6) ST202 and MkII MR2. Both Autos and Jap Imports. (The MR2 just visible under a cover in the other photo)...
  4. Thank you for that information, much appreciated!
  5. Hi. Me again - sorry. (I did do a search but couldn't find anything). Anyway, I've noticed that my Outside Air Temp readout is just blank - I wasn't too sure where it should be on this model until I saw this video: (A Snapshot) This is mine - just blank space...??? I'm presuming I should have one as all model Avensis do??? Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks, Bill.
  6. Thanks "FastBob", much appreciated. And yes, it is quite a rare and well kept specimen! Whoever had it before me certainly looked after it! I did have one before for nearly 15 years and that went was the Indicator Stalk! Sadly one day it just gave up and it would have proved uneconomical to repair. It was a 1998 (S). See below in its prime! As to the Transmission Type, not a clue I'm afraid. All I know is that it is a 1.8vvt-i Engine and the car is a 2001 (Y). I got the ATF Spec off Opie Oils, Fuchs ATF4400 being one of the choices and seeing as I have used Fuchs (ATF4134 ) in my CLK320 and it did the job, I chose that. I suppose it will be best to get the Filter from Toyota, unless someone can give me a pointer as to where else to get one... Anyway, thanks again. Regards, Bill.
  7. Hi. I have a 2001 Toyota Avensis 1.8vvt-i Automatic and want to drain the ATF Sump, (not the whole Transmission) change the Filter and Refill with Fuch ATF4400. What I am wanting to know is the quantity I will require and the Filter P/N: please? I'm guessing it should be about 2 - 3 litres...??? This is the actual car: Thanks in advance. Bill.
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