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  1. Hi guys, not been on for a long time as not owned a Toyota for a few years. A few may know me as ive been on LOC since the start and had a few IS's and still have an IS250 F-Sport today. Also had a few Toyota's too on here including a GT-Four and 2 Corolla Compressors. Anyway got myself a little Rav4 to use during the winter so back on TOC Chris
  2. Looking for a set of either steel or alloy standard size 16x6j Rav4 wheels
  3. Does the Compressor have std T-Sport shocks with Eibach lowering springs or does it have different shocks too ?
  4. After a 5 year break im now back in a trusted Toyota. Picked up an 07 plate Corolla Compressor last night
  5. bout 18months since i was last on
  6. Been hell of a long time since i was last on here. Changed my job so dont work for Lexus or Toyota anymore. Swapped my Corolla Compressor for another IS200 which subsequently almost got written off by a nice old man not looking what he was doing. Got that back after being rebuilt and costing his insurance 5K, took it back twice to get it put right, one being the correct colour lol. Moved to a new job as Warehouse Supervisor for Volkswagen Trade Parts Specialists and traded the Lexus in for a Mk5 Golf GTi Yes im sorry to say and i apologise that i went to the darkside Anyway how is everyone and are all the oldies still here ? Chris
  7. i posted loads http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...mp;#entry792842
  8. I got 11k for my 56 plater last september and that only had 8000 miles on it :(
  9. i didnt use the gazeebo either, i stayed in my car most of the evenings not all us with a lexus are bad guys you know
  10. think i managed to grab a couple of pics of your aygo's
  11. personally i think the jae atmosphere returned just like Billing used to be. for some reason east of england lacked certain things ive posted up some pics, heres the link http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...c=86421&hl=
  12. im fine, just a little sore with sunburn from jae lol
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