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  1. Can only help on the alarm bit - yes, water running down inside the pillar garnish and across the dash is likely to set the alarm off. Just had exactly the same, though the water was due to blocked sunroof drain points
  2. rp2709

    Petrol Light

    The last block just goes out, as you probably know by now. I will do 40 miles with the light on, but start worrying after that. If you carry on then the engine warning light comes on - I've only done this once when misjudged how far the next petrol station was, and cannot remember exactly how far I went - probably 50 to 60 miles. It actually says in the owners manual about the light coming on.
  3. Hi Any suggestions on this - my 2001 140hp vvti celica is lovely and smooth, except when holding the revs steady at above 3000rpm in the lower gears (like when waiting for a chance to overtake). Then there is a rattling noise, I suspect from the cam chain. The noise disappears if I accelerate, or change gear to keep below 3000 rpm. This has got no worse in 10000 miles since I bought the car. Is this noise typical? Thanks