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  1. no luck but thanx anyway A common problem usually is the integration relay, which controls the central locking, before checking that check if the bulb has blown in the interior light, the central locking circuit works through the interior light and if the bulb blows the circuit breaks hence no central locking regards.
  2. Yea try putting a stethoscope to the both when its running, that particular gearbox usually suffers from premature wear of the input and output shaft end bearings. easily fixed if caught early enough ( just 2 new bearings about 40 quid each).or a complete gearbox if left.
  3. You wont be buying the same old headlights, toyota acutally replaced the faulty headlights with modified new headlights which rectified the problem,
  4. toyotekk1

    Aygo Gearbox

    look there is a really simple fix before any car needs to be rejected, go to the dealer and ask for the modified gearbox oil for that particular box and your car year of reg, toyota made some special oil (Thinner) to rectify this problem and it does work, failing that it might need 2nd gear sycros. But try the gear oil first (Cheaper option). people with newer aygos might again will probly need the 2nd and 3rd gear sycros, but there no harm in trying the oil first il; post the part number for it asap. regards.
  5. 1 engine types and codes as follows. 1AD-FTV = 2.0ltr 2AD-FTV = 2.2ltr (140) ===== your model. 2AD-FHV= 2.2ltr (180) (T180 models only) How do I know whether mine is with or without DPF catalytic converter? Thanks. Its usually the T180 models (should say D-CAT on car wings instead of D4-D) That have DPF catalysts, cheers.
  6. hi. first try changing the display mode on the screens, either on the buttons on both screens or through the remote, there are three different modes of display try changing them until you get a picture usually the case on most cars, if its still flickering after that then complletely remove the headrest and check the connector for any looseness, failing that, it on a more costly route is both screens have gone or the dvd player. (Screens are quite common problems and cost around 1200 quid. But it is uncommon for both screens to go hence checking the modes first. )
  7. toyotekk1


    i cant see any reason why you cant use 10/40, that grade is pretty much standard for grade for most if not all toyota engines to be honest.
  8. Try maxxis tyre there about 40 quid and are very good.
  9. Try maxxis tyre there about 40 quid and are very good.
  10. 1 engine types and codes as follows. 1AD-FTV = 2.0ltr 2AD-FTV = 2.2ltr (140) ===== your model. 2AD-FHV= 2.2ltr (180) (T180 models only)
  11. toyotekk1

    Black Switch

    Hi Skip, it's to turn off the reversing sensors when you are towing. Part of the standard Toyota "Reversing Sensors" installation. Well done for spotting it - it is very well disguised! Thanks Chris! Will pass on the info.
  12. Try swappin the wires over on the non gen sensor before you buy a gen. they can sometimes be the wrong way round on non gen sensor wiring. 2 blacks wire should have continuity ( heater side of the sensor) 1 blue wire and 1 white wire should be the votlage side ( this is were the confusion can happen try swappin these 2 round). regards.
  13. At the moment toyota do have oil consumption problems with the 2.2 and 2.0 d4-d engines and they are aware of it. the remedy is usually piston rings (and possibly a new block if any mirrored surfaces are found in the cylider bores) but toyotas guidelines say the engine has to be burning at least a litre of oil every 1000 miles for the vehicle to warrant a repair. regards
  14. hi some advice you mite find useful. 1. The rear higher level brake lights usually crack by the jet washer and allow water ingress, also try the vent ducts behind the bumper they also let water into spare well. never had a boot seal leak. 2. go to your local toyota dealer and ask for the mmt system to be reinitialized takes them all of 15 mins, they usually need recalibrating to select gears correctly . 3. not much you can do about the seat really as they can only be ordered asa whole seat. mite i suggest a trim specialist if its only stitching. 4. there is a modified water pump you can get from toyota, can tell modified pumps ( black pulley) from old pumps ( metallic gold pulley) try that first. 5. any garage should be able to realign the steering again could be a 20 minute rectification. 6. hard to tell from the description about the engine leak need to know more really. would like to help personally but unfortunatly live in birmingham. regards toyote.kk