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  1. Right cool thanks, its really weird how it doesnt make the niose sometimes but does others :!Removed!: cheers
  2. Recently just brought a Gt Turbo and one of the advisary problems on the mot was that the front left wheel bearing plays up. Bascially sometimes when you pull away it makes a funny squeeking niose but as soon as your rolling it stops. Just wondering if this would be a expensive job or a cheap one Thanks
  3. I'm going to see a potention starlet and was wondering if theres anything to look out for when i go see it, like a common fault on alot of them, thanks :)
  4. Yeah ive seen the video of this meet looks good fun :)
  5. Yeah thats all i needed to know, thanks :D
  6. Basically wondering about the differnt types and that and which ones will fit onto a starlet. Are they like universal fittings or do you have to buy ones escially for the model of car? I like the HKS SSQV bov and was wondering if that fits onto a gt turbo? thanks :)
  7. Cheers for the help, on the lookout for a gt turbo if anyones got one for sell
  8. Bascially im 18 years old (soon to be 19 in ocotber), ive been driving a 1.4 306 since last november and now have fallen in love with starlets lol. Ive been looking around at GT turbos and glanza's but im not having much joy. I found one that was really cheap but had some flaw in the engine (a slight shaking noise) but the car was a J reg and was in really good condition with 50 thousand on the clock it kinda seemed too good to be true at only £1,650! I need some help with would it be worth the hassle or just wait and find another one thanks :) p.s. which one of the 2 models can be modded the most? thanks again
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