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  1. Just be pleased you don't have a Renault Megane !!!
  2. David, I'm gonna be in the same boat in 2 or 3 years time.... Do I keep the Prius and dump the wife's Aygo, do I keep the Aygo and dump the Prius .... decisions, decisions.... I've been having a similar conversation with my parents (one retired the other retires next year), currently they have a Mitsubishi Colt and a Mitsubishi ASX. They keep thinking of going down to one car but they like to drive to France on holidays so need a bigger car, but big cars can be expensive for everyday use. Best idea is to keep the larger car and then pick up a second hand Aygo/C1/107 as a general runabout as they are so cheap to run and keep. Although I think 'retirement cars' are going to get massive competition from the new Vauxhalls in the future with their 100k miles warranty. If you just use a car for shooping etc it could take a very long time to do those miles (with my current car usage it would last 33 years for me).
  3. My only problem with my Aygo is the fuel economy, average 43mpg is too low really. Other than that I really like the car.
  4. Or the old solution: 1. Place fairly sturdy lump of wood against drum. 2. Hit with hammer 3. Move wood to new location and repeat.
  5. I have found the best way to have USB music in my Aygo (with an aftermarket radio) is a SD card reader and a bunch of 2GB cards. I tried using an external harddrive but the problem was it took ages to index the large drive and navigate to the wanted album/song. With 2GB SD Cards they index pretty quick at startup and you can often put about 15-20 albums on each card which is enough for any journey. I have 10 cards stored under the dash next to the steering wheel in the tray for coins. When I bought mine 7DayShop were doing deals on multipacks, probably find similar on ebay.
  6. What TomTom is fitted to the Aygo? Does it have the LIVE services or is it just a basic? Personally I don't see the point of supplying a car with a limited satnav that can also be removed from the car. Considering you can pick up a TomTom very cheaply now what will happen when the fitted one breaks down? Will probably cost £300+ for a replacement and will screw up the resale value if you don't have it. Also there will be a lot of these being broken into if the holder is folded down on the off chance that the unit is also in there. The satnav should be fully integrated or be a standalon unit, instead what you have here is the worse of both solutions to satnav (ie a custom unit that you have to remove when you park and probably cannot be upgraded).
  7. I've had no stability problems with mine, you might also want to check the tyre pressures.
  8. I think the bluetooth unit just plugs into the back of the standard head unit. But I expect that it'll cost more to buy that part from Toyota than it will to buy a aftermarket head unit with bluetooth, mp3 etc on it.
  9. I can't tell you what the gap is but I do have the boxes of what I fitted so can tell you what will fit. Doors 165mm, depth 46mm Dashboard 100mm, depth 36mm
  10. I think the only cover worth getting is called a garage.
  11. I would check your mats in the back to see if they are wet, or are you taking wet clothing into the car with you. There is no reason you car should be misting up, especially with the aircon running.
  12. If you have a multimeter or a 12v bulb and a couple of wires you should be able to check that there is power coming through the circuit to the radio. The other choice, assuming the power is there would be http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PEUGEOT-107-CITROEN-C1-TOYOTA-AYGO-RADIO-CD-PLAYER-AUX-/200541003212 I don't think there are any hiden fuses in the back of the radio.
  13. How old is the car, is the headunit covered under the same warranty as the car? Otherwise, probably buy a new aftermarket headunit or call a breakers yard. I doubt it'll be worth the cost of reparing a standard Aygo radio.
  14. Just swap the head unit with one that has USB and will also play MP3s and all your problems are solved. I just bought a bunch of 2GB SD cards and a SD card reader from 7DayShop, filled them with MP3 files and use them as CDs, much tidier and easy to take them out of the car if you want.
  15. I'm not so sure about the cheap servicing on the Toyota anymore, wanting £200 for a 2 year service is too much for an Aygo.
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