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  1. Picture request time... any good examples about of some ravs with big chunky tyres maybe even lifted a touch? Blacked out preferably
  2. jd26

    Build Thread

    looking good bridges fella :D
  3. definatley matey, mines currently up for sale for £3700 - its a minter and only 44k on the clock (3 door though) ;)
  4. yep theyre tinted as said bridges, theyre the same make as i had in the yaris (not sure if you saw them) good quality deflectors p.s. i dont think your going to talk to me anymore.. i purchased somthing on the weekend... haha :D
  5. i was actually being sarcastic about the aygo imo the t sports mpg is fine
  6. I do like the tte front bumper but to be honest I prefer the smooth lines of the standard one, would be nice if there were different lower lip/splitters available though!
  7. @ TTECOMPRESSOR - kindly take your sh*t elsewhere, im after some helpfull responces here not to hear about your beef with someone, use the pm button mate. @ everyone else, cheers for the response so far :) ckman yours is looking good! It was the rota torques I had in mind for a rolla and yours looks great on them :) I cant help thinking a black on black tsport would look mean as! :D How much is the compressor conversion buddy? (and how much was the rear compressor lip + is it a straight swap :) ) shame hks and the like dont do exhausts for the rolla, id love another hks, the one I had on th
  8. Hey up, been looking for a car to replace my current yaris tsport for months now and still no luck. corolla t sport is still in the back of my mind, so give me some inspiration! post up any good modified facelift examples (preferably black or red :) ) plus has anyone tried tinting the standard headlight inserts ? thankyou please :) Josh
  9. we will have to sometime matey! not got the cam at the moment unless i used the ol digi cam for some snaps. once i get a new car though deffo :)
  10. wayhay you got some then bridges mate :) look good!
  11. from what ive heard these are fantastic value for money, fully adjustable coilovers for around 600 smackers is great! heard positive feedback from ek9 owners, mini cooper s owners, subaru owners etc etc probably getting a set for my next car (if I ever decide what that will be )
  12. it'll do 0-60 in 8.5 secs!! http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...=97992&st=0 really though, cant go wrong with a little yaris, cracking car!
  13. jd26

    0-60 Times

    this thread is proof of why you shouldnt lye on the internet
  14. jd26

    Koni Or Spax?

    neither - TEINS are far better :)
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