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  1. Deakin

    Toyota Auris

    Thanks very much for your help it's much appreciated
  2. Deakin

    Toyota Auris

    Hi guys I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice on the Toyota auris is petrol or diesel best ?, and do they have many problems I'm only looking 08 or 09 just to take me to work and back, Im asking because the avensis 05 09 was a bad engine I had one so I know.So would you recommend one or stay clear thanks for any replies
  3. Deakin


    Thanks for taking the time to reply Paul
  4. Deakin


    Thanks Paul never knew the bit about the green on the engine cover that's a new one on me, maybe someone could verify this for us
  5. Deakin


    Hi can someone please tell me when the dpf started getting fitted to the Toyota avensis,was it around 2011 or later and do they give much trouble.Thanks for any help
  6. Thanks for the reply are they as good as the previous diesel avensis?
  7. Hi Guys can anyone tell me has the new shape avensis 2.0 diesel a bmw engine or is it just the 1.6 Diesel engine that has it.Thanks for any help
  8. Try some silicon spray up around it always worked for mine
  9. Toyota auris seems to be a bit on the small side i saw a couple when I was on holidays,that where being used as taxis but I didn't think they where wide enough,as for the EPS on a Skoda superb what has this to do with the Nissan Micra do they use the same power steering ?
  10. Took a drive in a Skoda superb Heidfirst have to say it drove like a dream even over the bumps, haven't tried the avensis yet as the ones I have seen are about £13000 with 36000 miles which I thought was a bit on the expensive side, superb was £14000 with 13500 miles but I will try the avensis and see how it drive's and take it from there.
  11. Yes thanks Heidfirst I tend to put quite a lot of my faith in Honest John and to be fair he's never that far wrong,as you all know from previous posts I have had my fair share of problems with some of my avensis cars, I was leaning more towards a new Skoda superb this time because of the sheer size factor I am a taxi driver and have been for the last 30 years so size does matter,but I keep saying to myself I know nothing about these cars I love the reliability of the avensis that's why it's so hard for the to make right choice.
  12. Just so you know Konrad i have had several Toyota's right back from the Carina,that's why i come on to the forum to find out what's going on with the new cars before I buy a new one as I'm sure quite a lot people do,what I will say is that it is only coming in as a 3 🌟 car now everybody can't be wrong can they ?
  13. The car i have at the minute is a 2.0 T27 T2 D4D 4 door saloon.
  14. Thanks for all your replys im still not sure if if I will buy another Toyota,I have had bother with the electronic steering column,the central locking,and the air vents keep breaking but the thing that has bothered me most is the harsh drive over rough surface,and from what I can see Toyota have done nothing about the suspension.Other than this the car has been pretty bullet proof over the last 176000 miles.
  15. So these cars do have the fifth injector then,I have read about so many of these cars having problems