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  1. Thanks for the tips I did not know the tail headlights had to be changed also. I did not understand some of your comments: "route the cable from clocks and spiral cable" you mean the cable for display button behind the dashboard? Can you detail it a little bit? I won't be doing this now but I want to keep this for future use. A sort of schematic would help a lot. "put a 1 200 ohms resistor (if my memory doesn't mistakes) in airbag seats connector in order to airbag alarm to not be shown on display." Again can you provide a quick schematic of this. You lost the airbags on the seats right? I would like to put some that will keep or have airbags still working. Thanks
  2. Hi guys, As I said in another topic I recently bought another car but kept the Auris because its diesel while the new one is gasoline. Plus the car is fully paid and was only in my hands so I know with what I should count, not to say it is cheap in terms of taxes for a 5 seater. I considered buying a 2 seat but it would be as all used cars are a big question mark. Over the last year I had some expenses with it namely the turbo and the power steering ECU. If it wasn't for this maybe I could have applied more of the mods I'm considering for him. I decided to keep the car so it is a good time also to make it more personal but above all improve the look. So the first thing I did was change the wheels. I don't have them yet, but they are payed for just waiting for the arrival. I snagged a great deal for a set of used 4 Dotz Hanzo wheels and tires 17''. Because the front tires had to be changed already and because I found these it was the perfect time. Now I will list the other modifications I want to make on it. Not sure when because it will take some time to gather some more cash for them. Some are clear others are not. In fact for some I would like you guys to clarify my doubts. 1. Front bumper lower grid: put the same type of grid of the top (honeycomb) on the bottom one 2. Side skirts (didn't decide on the types I want to see the several options 3. Rear bumper of the 2009 Auris restyle with an actual air diffuser in the middle that could more or less hide the exhaust like it happens in the Megane's GT Line 4. Paint all those parts in metallic grey (dashboard, door handles etc..) in piano black or with brushed metal film. 5. Replace the hande brake with the 2009 Auris restyle one. Is this possible? What else has to be changed. 6. Harmrest of the 2009 Auris restyle. Do I have to replace the entire central console? Is it still compatible with the remaining? Is this an actual harmrest or is still too low? 7. Steering wheel of the 2009 Auris restyle. Can this be done using the 2007 airbag or do I have to change the airbag also. Any compatibility problems since the 2009 steering has a button for the display? Can this button be wired to make it workable without major problems on the ECU? 8. Final step is to get better seats but this is really the last one, didn't see any options yet. Thanks for the help
  3. Nice I would like to start modding my Auris but I have other hobbies that take my money adding this one specially an expensive one may be a bit too much that or I have to do it very slowly. One of the modification would be this add some better seats, if possible new ones because you never know who has been seating on it. But this is an expensive thing to do and I will probably do it at the end, that if I continue motivated for the rest. So far I have been planning on my head what I want to change but nothing done yet. It is good to know that it can be done thought. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Hi, I replaced the one on mine recently a few months back. You can use one from a wrecked car without problems or a rebuilt one since they also do it. I found one from a wrecked car pretty cheap. I think it's cheaper then rebuilt or new ones. New ones are around 500€ and rebuilt 250€. Wrecked cars can also go for around 200€. Mine was 100€ because I bought it from a private owner and not a salvage yard. Off course I'm giving you prices for Portugal no idea where you are from so prices may be different. Also you should take it to a shop for assembly. I'm not 100% sure but I think they reprogrammed the ECU with the data from mine. Anyway it is something that will take lots of time they have to take out all the dashboard, etc.. in my opinion it's not something for us to do at home. One thing you have to be carefull is that the ECU you get has exactly the same number. The shop that mounted mine told me to ensure this otherwise it may not work or error lights may lit up in the dashboard. There are lots of ECU models even for the Auris there is more then 1. I remember seeing one on ebay that only one digit was different. The seller was not sure if was compatible or not told me to check with Toyota. But I got one locally for the same price so.... Good luck replacing that, unfortenatly it is one of those parts that gives problems in the Auris from what I could find on the net. It is not good for Toyota's name or the Japanese since mine was a Denso, made in japan. Many people have pointed that an Auris made in Japan would have more quality than our UK and Turkey ones but I seriously doubt it. This car was designed in Europe and most of the non mechanical problems are due to a bad design. Plus the steering ECU is made in japan and gives problems.
  5. I will use this topic because it's the most recent one about tunning boxes or repros. Which one is best a repro or box. The warranty issue is not a problem anymore all I want to know is which one is safer and more effective. Also take inline the costs. I've been reading about this and right now I have mixed feelings. I read people supposedly experienced in repros saying that a repro should be a part of a plan for increasing a car's performance otherwise it's not worth it. They say that exhausts and other components should be changed. They even mention that clutch should be changed because it's supposed to handle more torque. Is this really true? I know that 20 or 25hp won't make much difference in the end or even a slight increase of 50 Nm or so. I'm not expecting it to be a super machine with it. My main goal is to reduce the lag and increase the power/torque at low rpms. I've heard that this is possible, i.e., specifically program the ECU to provide more power at a certain range of rpms. Also, such a small increase in torque will really affect the clutch. It's not like 100 Nm or so. I feel that these persons are tuning fanatics that only see such actions valid when you increase the power at 40% or more.
  6. How much did it cost you to do the carbon wrapping? Did you do it do the door handles also? I've been thinking of repaint those parts in gloss black but maybe this isn't a bad option. At least it won't wear off.
  7. Almost a year now. I got my new car not a Toyota because I wasn't happy with the quality of mine. I did however keep the Auris and I still use it quite often specially to work because I got a Gasoline one. Anyway as if I wasn't disapointed enough with the Turbo he decided to maulfuction again this time the power steering ECU. The reparing cost could have been quite high but I was lucky to find an ECU from a crashed car with 90K at a very low cost. Summary more 300€. So in less then one year I spent well over 1000€ with it. The reparing was done a couple of months ago and it's running fine minus the turbo lag I mentioned before. Since I kept the car and I managed to reduce the consumptions I may end up keeping it until it stalls completely. The car has now over 160K. Now you ask me how did I reduce the consumptions. Well I think it is related to the last maintenance I made. This time I decided to make it outside Toyota. I had done a maintenance on my wife's car there and I liked the result and cost. They only used recommended oils and follow the brand's recomendations to the spot. I went a bit further and decided to buy all the parts myself. As so I bought oil, air filter, cabinet filter, cooling fluid and rear break pads myself. For the oil I used Castrol recomendation 5W30 when Toyota was using 5W40. Eventually changed the oil filter but this was provided by the store because they forgot to tell me that the oil filter should be changed also. So I spent around 30€ in the shop for the labour and filter and around 100€ for the ramaining parts. Besides being cheap they still washed my car inside and out. If it wasn't for the scratches on the paint it looked like brand new. Last week I took it on my vacations. Made around 600 Kms with it all in normal road no highways which means I never kept a steady speed it ranged from 70 to 120 Km/h if not more at certain stages, lots of overtakes and reductions from 5th to 4th gear. While returning I even took around 40Kms of heavy curved road. Always with AC on the result was 5.5l/100 average I remember even seeing 5.4 Under such conditions I should have got something like 6l/100 or more. As so my conclusions are obvious either Toyota parts from the service shop I used in the past suck and in this we can include the air filter for example, the oil is making a difference or both. Fuel cannot be for sure because I put it always in the same place. Let's see if it continues like this. This behavior even made me wanted to spend some money on him with some improvements :D
  8. Sorry to resurface this but thinking of making some mods on my old 2007 Auris. Does anyone know if the console/armrest of the restyle version is higher? or is it about the same and the only thing they did was to make it with some sort of leather. Thinking of either getting one from a crashed car or get the one that Kingo sells and sits over the original one. Thanks
  9. Thanks. Sounds like my problem. Not that I think its at a point of being dangerous but still...
  10. Hi, first of all thanks for the info. Judging from what you are saying maybe it would have been best just to keep the turbo as it was altought I went to several shops and even spoke with some people I know and they all said it would be best to fix it because the sound normally indicates that the Turbo fan/turbine lost balance. It can run several thousand Kms as it can just stop and in some cases it can affect the engine. As so I decided to fix it. If I knew that I wouldn't be at risk I would keep it as it was until it stopped. The noise I reported made the car look literally like an ambulance and was quite annoying. I had people looking at me in the street. The diagnosis of Turbo problem was given my Toyota itself and also by a Bosch Car service shop. As for the repair itself, they placed a new turbo or what they call reconstructed one. Basically they use the same shell and everything else inside is new. Of course they didn't use the shell of my car they ordered a reconstructed one and kept mine which will be used in the future on someone else's car. Now what you are saying makes sence, I never noticed a big kick on my Auris the power output was much more linear than what it is now. I can clearly notice a kick after 2200 RPMs and as I said above it seems to have a power lag in low RPMs. Since I'm tired of Toyota parts quality and I will be changing my car next year I will not go to the dealer. If I make another 15000Kms before I change the car I will address this issue. I just don't have the patience to go there, lose time and gain some white hairs between the process.
  11. Hello guys, It has been long time since I came to the forum. Recently I had a problem with my Auris after 150 000 Kms and 6 years on the run the turbo starting making a whistle noise. Took it to Toyota and other shops anyway, making story short I decided to fix the problem at the Toyota shop where I do my maintenances. This was done last week, however I think I'm feeling a lag of power until the 2000 rpm. Before I think I had more power kinda like the Turbo was always available and there was no kick. Right now I feel a kick after the 2000 rpm but before that the car is very low on power. Just to be sure can someone provide me the official power and torque cruves. Maybe I will go the shop and ask them to show be the current curves of my car for comparasion. It's not even the case of adapting to a new car (while mine was being fixed they gave my a new Auris) since I had the service car for only 1 day. By the way on the new Auris I feel the kick but I also feel more power available in lower rpms. And since we are discussing it let me know what you tink, if it can be a normal issue since cars and in this case turbos may not be 100% the same and some power differences can be noticeable from car to car. Thanks
  12. Well if its possible or not I don't know I asked both a dealer and Toyota Europe and the answer was no. Toyota Europe even gave a solution for this which was to buy their alarm system. If they are both liying or unware of this I have no idea.
  13. Thanks ye I saw the damage today in day light they even scratched the trunk door a bit I'm sure that with some polish will go out not the same on the paint chip on the plastic part where the opening button is. I also figured out how to remove it. They took everything so I can see the bolt. Tomorrow I will ask Toyota price of a new one and which cars use it. The yaris one seems similar. Then I will ask a body shop guy i know to check on the junkyard next time he goes there. See if he can buy me one cheap.
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