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  1. This a known problem with early T27 Avensis. Try to snap window switch 1 fast snap, moving just few millimeters down and wind noise is gone. I dont know if there is any fix to this. I have read some have changed new seals with no luck.
  2. Took some time... ordered gears and locker my self with a credit card. Running 4:88 gears and rear Detroit Locker :).
  3. Yes, lots of stuff for OLDER Hilux, nothing for my rig that i could see... ? USA sites dont carry stuff for 96-> Hilux, only for Tacoma. Any EU vendors?
  4. I'd been looking after gears and better locker for rear, TrueTrac perhaps. There is lots of applications listed for Tacoma, but none for Hilux? Is there any compatibility between Tacoma and Hilux axles?
  5. Still, remember to roll front end once or twice a month (see owners manual), some parts are lubricated that way.
  6. Beauty on wheels :) Envy You, I have 33 inchers and I'm already reaching regulation limits here... :/
  7. I am very happy they did not drop manual hubs here, automatics are not that strong and tend to do on/off when stuck on mud. Anyone lifted trucks here? My D4D has 3" body lift and 33" BFGs.
  8. mmm... sounds like You better contact local dealer?
  9. Not sure if u have a problem at all... Hilux 4WD system is "solid", meaning there is no differential between axles. If u run on 4WD mode and steer right or left there is speed difference between front and rear axle and u cant shift to a 2wd mode cause central locking gears are so tight together on that moment. Drive straigt forward say 10-20 meters and u are able to shift back to 2WD mode again. Shifting to 4WD mode goes easy, but getting it off needs driving straight for a moment to take this "tension" off from gears. Sorry my bad english, someone correct me if here is no sense at all :)
  10. Think it would be much better with real 4x4 -model ! Rising 2wd... nah .
  11. Dont know the English word for it, but they are ramps or bridges for driving in soft surface or driving over ditch?
  12. I think I might like it :) Toyota FTX wallpaper
  13. Hilux dont have central differental, meaning both axles run same speed when engaged. You should always free to 2wd drive before sharp turns on dry pavement and on situations 4wd not needed. Using 4wd also increases fuel consumption. If You have locking hubs on front You can use only 2wd and keep front out of rotation when not needed. See more from owners manual.
  14. Sounds like You should consider some pro help from local motor specialist?
  15. Diesels are coming strongly TTE D4D tuning
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