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  1. If you want to take up the whole light from the car you have to lower a bit the bumper. or if you just want to take out only the bulb it is easy also it is written in Toyota owners manual in the section do-it yourshelf or maintenance. hope to understand my poor english
  2. I dont know that. I think that there should be,because for Opel you can find after-market grill.
  3. It is very easy! I have putten the TS grill. 1)You just have to take-up the bonnet 2)You will see 3 bolts just unscrew them 3)You can take off the grill now. Hope you understand.
  4. B) Welcome to the club! I can not understand who did you make the lights? You open them and paint the inside?I think it is difficult to open the light because it has thermal glue. or it is only the carbon sticker that makes the diference? I had find on the net how to paint your lights as the TS but it was in a language from the northen Europe.I understand it from the photos,pity I didnt write up the URL. Nice fog lamps or position lamps?They look like PIAA,arent they? The Vitz budge looks like the Daewoo budge,dont you think? Your interior is grey-green or two sades of grey? Very nice look!
  5. I dont know if the suspension of the 1.3 is harder than the 1.0. It has some power the 1.3 but if you race with a Clio 1.4 in third gear it will be one car away. It is a great motor(1.3L) but you have to smash it up to get power. I have done some journeys it is good.It is not made for motorways but it is designed for small trips.
  6. Does anyone know if I can put an analogic tachometer(rpm) in my Yaris? e.g. autometer I believe it would be usefull because the electronic tachometer(rpm) is a little small and hard to notice it. Best place to fit it is on the steering wheel column? It would look pretty good an analoge tachometer with the electronic speedometer. ;)
  7. When I must have the sparkplugs been renewed? Toyota owner's manual refer Denso and NGK which is better? Does anyone know if I can find the official Toyota service manual?in the net as a pdf file?
  8. The best way to have fun is to buy a set of used tyres and get the car into a track! You will able to know your car better and who to react when it is sliding/oversteering/understeering. Also if you do that than you wont like to race on the streets. If you feel alone tell a friend with his car to do the same. I have done illegal races at 3am with friends it is very dangerous.(Anyway I prooved that Yaris is faster than Punto 1.2 Sporting) so what did I find out? I wish that my country had many tracks and could do all this things in there. When you are setting up a race better do it in a track.The police may be at the other corner and pointing you with the laser-radar. Why old air-ports dont give their area for dragster not championship etc but for weekend-events which people could go and race their car just for fun,of course all the safety reasons. Never drive fast in a civil-area you could understand that buy transporting Miles/h to Km/h and then to m/s then you can realise who many meters your car does in a second! Sorry for my poor English
  9. I have driven both Yaris 1.3(before facelift),the japanese has better steering wheel,generally it has a better sense.The French made Yaris has an awful steering wheel very light and I believe that it is dangerous when you are running a road full of corners. A few days before I drove the new Yaris 1.3(french made) I think that it has more torque power in the low rpm?what's your opinion? Why dont go and test drive all cars that they are in the same category as Yaris?
  10. The lexus lights looks great!
  11. I think you are thinking of too big sizes.I have put steel wheel 14in and 185/60 R14 I find them very good not only because I have them but a friend of mine had put on his Yaris 15in 195/50 R15 and it was very hard.
  12. I will agree with Yarisboy.All the pedals,steering wheel and gearshift are stiff and they make you feel like you drive something wild which isnt and has a bloomy face A solution is to spray motor oil W40 underneeth the shift.Tell your dealer to do it.
  13. My car runs Yokohama A539 82H 185/60 R14 It is one size bigger than the stock tyres which they were Dunlop SP10 82T 175/65 R14 The diffrence is very big.I had pussed the stock tyres really hard.I had a very easy oversteer when I was living the accel pedal at the top of a corner. The new tyres have great greep but they need a little warm-up because they are for higher speed.I am amazed by the handling on the wet! I bought them for 230euros+fitting+balance wheel They are cheap because the size of the tyre is very common and easy to find it in the market. I dont think that loose handling in holes it is problem of the tyre size but from the suspension settings. Dont forget that we are not putting the sizes which Toyota suggest: 175/65 R14 82T 185/55 R15 ??? I have the same query which Jen has,I am thinking of getting a Ts I have a little question running in my mind 'Is it waste of money to get the same car in a different edition?'
  14. They same thing I thougt it out but my gloves have a clip for not to be separate.It made a scratch! :(
  15. You need to change the shocks because if you use stock shocks with lower springs, the shocks will work to their limits. Many constructers of lower springs say that a 30mm lower spring doesnt need the shocks to be changed. I am also thinking of getting lower springs without changing the shocks but isn't it wrong?
  16. At the same place I've got the scratches!! not from gloves but from a lady's bag but she is beatiful and so I forgive her
  17. I have been told it by the Toyota bodywork headman. I asked him the same question he told me no!!!
  18. For debuging and to remove it glow just use pure alchohol(surgecal spirit?) :D I have done it. You can find it in boots or super market. It will be very usefull if someone knows how to remove little scratches from the dash. Yarisboy your dash is green or grey? Thanks!
  19. That's the condition in my country. In England it may be a granny car but when I visit your country once I noticed many German cars Polo,Fiesta in the category of Yaris. It is a complety different logic. We have got 6 years warranty!! 3 years from Toyota 3 years from Toyota Hellas but there are some little things that you have to do like: e.g. You should use only synthetic oil or simple that Toyota service has, or else bye bye warranty!I dont believe that they will count it but I say what the brochure says. Toyota is a very good and reliable firm in Greece that's why it is first in sales.
  20. I believe the answer is simple... Buy what you really like and it is usefull to you. Celica is beautiful and a sport model from the other side Corolla is a great hot hatchback with space and 5door more comfortable. I have seen girl with BMW E36 doing sideways!!! None of theses cars are a girl car! ;) By the way I heard a CTS with TTE back box it sounds very good!! B) My girlfriend is joking me, that Yaris is a girls car because she always see women drive it!! then she calls my Yaris Barbie-car! What I should do?get rid of her or buy a YTS(dream)?
  21. The Yaris TS is a hardcore hatchback. :D I dont believe that you can compare these photos and cars. A friend of mine had a 206cc he pushed really hard when we stopped and get off the car it had a smell of oil burning!!!
  22. You have done very good job!! I like the MS design front fog light spoiler it looks very good It will degendly much with a TS mask.beautiful? I can not understand why in England,Germany and other countries the silver Yaris has a beutiful grey interior and mine in Greece has an ugly ocean green-grey(turkoiz?) Anyway they soundsystem must play very good ;)Cost? You used TTE lower spring without changing the shocks? <_<
  23. It looks much bigger and more well built than the previous Avensis, It is simple, it is designed for middle aged people!!which they want something luxury inside and dull for us outside,with the reliability of a TOYOTA :D .It isnt the Impreza that we have in mind.It looks like a Passat especially in blue colour. :o Everyone says that it has a great handling and road behaviour.Magazines dont like the steering,they say that it is with no sense?what do you say?
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