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  1. Take a look at my earlier topic on this subject. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...;hl=sinttruijen & http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...1&hl=camber With regards,
  2. Hi Kruper, Welcome to the club & enjoy your stay
  3. Where did you buy the red thing for the disc brakes? looks good. will the fit a 1.4 petrol? Off course painting will work on your 1.4 I just foliatec, but there are enough other suppliers. Like earlier said it's wise to look for a good tutorials. http://shop.foliatec.com/foliatec/shop_ind...;productId=2160 Greetz,
  4. Sinttruijen

    Chipped Auris T180

    Winner of the Dutch 2007 Corolla "shoot out"
  5. you can take a look at my foto album. I replaced the standard spoilers on my T180 http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...m&album=639 Greetz,
  6. Sinttruijen

    Chipped Auris T180

    Winner of the Dutch 2007 Corolla "shoot out"
  7. /offtopic Why is that T180 chip taking so long King, is there any hope you have it available soon? My e-mail box is overflowing with request to sell my own T180 chip *not for sail* With regards, /ontopic
  8. With some decent chip tuning ( For instance the turbo pressure is higher after tuning) it's necessary to have the double TMS exhaust system for the high rpm's. See a earlier posting of me having problems with a high pitchtone (too high pressure) out of the rearmuffler while > 3.5k rpm's. Some Dyno runs revealed that with the double system the powerband kept growing till 4.2k rpms. the single system powerband died at 3.5k rpms. But in a standard configuration, I'll agree that the double system doesn't bring anything extra. Greetz,
  9. Some of you know me as a T180 tuner on this forum...;-) I have some secret news (except for OldSko01),.... I recently imported a Blade Master from Japan. It will be at the Customs by the end of May & already got some support from TTE out of Germany fot the suspension So keep an eye on the forum for my progress on modifying the Blade Master. My first goal is to reach the 320whp limit. Greetz,
  10. Sorry dude, no estimate on my part. Real numbers at the Dynojet testruns B) Read my posts for the way to 505Nm Greetz,
  11. I presume the t180 was already tuned for performance and chip tuning it put more put demand on the other parts. I presume you went for more than 20%. gain What next for you a new turbo or you satisfied? t180 has an upgraded turbo so it probably wont make any difference. 24% & i am currently satified. I agree with no need for an other turbo. Thrre is much more gain in airflow. between 4.200 and 5.500 rpm there is enough turbo pressure left put no whp output. But at this moment with 222hp & 505Nm i am satified :P
  12. There is not much weight difference. About loosing torque in a standard setting, i didn't test. But after chip tuning, I gained a few hunderd extra rpm's cause the pressure was getting too high on the rear muffler. The rear muffler was even starting to whistle above 3.800 rpm. By installing the twin exhaust this issue was solved Hope it helps
  13. Strange... The first time on the track with th T180 where on these Dunlop and i was supprised of the amount of grip whlie it was raining... Cornering was overall also not bad, but i modified some settings.. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...c=72631&hl= Anyone else has a opinion about these tires ... ? thr more opinions, the more conclusions we can make about the Dunlops
  14. did you have the Dunlop SP Sport tires fitted ? If so, why are they so terrible, causse i was thinking to get mine replaced next month & dealer adviced the Dunlop :P Thnxs,
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