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  1. Hi considering going to view an 08 Prius which has 182000 miles. It’s in vgc but I’m wondering if hybrid battery is okay at this high mileage ?
  2. From googling about this, is it possible to buy a used remote from another prius and then self reprogram it to my own prius? google searches suggest yes this can be done? By following a set of instructions to reprogram it - jist is inserting key 3 times, opening/closing drivers door, etc, etc??
  3. With all the news about theft of Prius cats, has anyone experience of using a protector such as catloc or catclamp?
  4. I just bought an 08 Prius. Only 1 key with it and its pretty frazzled. Any ideas on best way to get a spare? Can it only be got from a Toyota dealer? and how much?
  5. what year did the new one come in?
  6. Thanks, how do you find the Prius plug in?
  7. Hi I have just bought a 2008 T4 1.5 prius (Irish car) - its consumption display shows in l/100km but is it possible to change that to mpg?
  8. lipso

    Off a Yaris?

    Anyone know if this is off a Yaris?
  9. I am thinking it needs calibrated, something called zero calibration or I wonder is it possible to swap the eps unit with another used one that works or does ecus have to also be swapped?
  10. I have 2002 1.0 yaris with same problem as Rich-Yaris - did you get any resolution to the problem?
  11. I have this steering problem too. Anyone get a definitive solution?
  12. hi Can the beeping noise when reversing be turned down or adjusted at all? Its a high pitched beep which starts once you put the selector into Reverse. I previously had a Prius which only started to beep once the back of the car was within a certain distance from an object. I prefer this to the Auris's constant beeping.
  13. Hi Any easy way of knowing if a 2002 1.0 Yaris has power steering or not?
  14. hi I have a 2001 1299cc Verso and the average mpg on the trip stays around a steady 63mpg. Is this in anyway accurate or not? I rarely drive above 55mph and is mostly country road driving - When googling mpg for this car various websites show it does about 44-48mpg on average?