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  1. NZMR2

    G-box On 92 Gts

    Damn Double Click!
  2. NZMR2

    G-box On 92 Gts

    (Sorry!) Bimpy Bump!
  3. On this note, if the cambelt on the 3SGTE does fail in someway is valve dammage common or is it a non interference engine? Thanks. (Sorry to hijack) NZMR2
  4. NZMR2

    G-box On 92 Gts

    Sory, are the half shafts the ones with the C.V.'s on them or the shafts coming straight out of the diff. I know I should know this! NZMR2.
  5. NZMR2

    G-box On 92 Gts

    Ok the box is an LSD so I'm buying it, for those interesred I'm picking it up for NZ$200, I got a quote recently from a wrecker for $900. I'm gna rebuild it before it goes in the car, as I'm an apprentice mechanic and could do with the practise. :) Will I need both Drive shafts or just one? NZMR2
  6. NZMR2

    G-box On 92 Gts

    --Bump-- Anyone? Any ideas? NZMR2.
  7. NZMR2

    G-box On 92 Gts

    I've just been offered one of these to buy at a very cheap price and I only really want it if it has LSD, cus I've got a Rev 1 Non LSD Turbo... Gutting. How can I tell if its LSD of not and will the LSD unit fit in to my non-LSD G-box. Thanks. NZMR2.
  8. NZMR2

    Info Please

    First things, driving to work this morning the rear end seemed twichy, got it on a hoist afta work: LR Lower control arm was loose, dodgy eh? Even dodgyer is that I was the last one to do it up. Anyway just wondering what ignition timing to run when my car is running 98 Ron. Also if anyone knows where I can get a Border nose in New Zealand. Cheers. SW20 Rev1 GT NZMR2.
  9. NZMR2

    Fuel Cut

    Ah, Coming to think of it, that may well be the case. External temps. No boost guage so I don't really know. Plus I tried to make it do it straight after, by just turning the car off for a sec to reset safe mode and boosting it, but no fuel cut came in... Weird. P.S. Kiwi, you know any where in NZ I can get a border front and end caps? NZMR2
  10. NZMR2

    Fuel Cut

    Sorry to dig up an old topic but I've had this safe mode thing just happen to me. I put on a new exhaust about a week back. An this weekend I ran the car (Rev1GT) on 98 octane. A few times boosting it in second, I'd go to change into 3rd and I'd get fuel cut. However, I don't get it every time. Why is this? NZMR2
  11. Yep those are the ones. I brought is all home today, now I just need to prep it, paint it and fit them. A few cracks, not in great condition, but nothing I can't fix for a few notes. Turns out the exhaust is a Trust 2 1/2" straight through system, think its made by Jamex? Not bad for NZ$150. (Bout 60 pounds or something?) I got the guard, needs a prep and paint too. And I ended up getting an italian steering wheel and boss kit for NZ$60. All up it came to NZ$610 because or GST (Goods & Services Tax) :( But still a good deal. Getting the exhaust fitted tomorrow. Can't Wait!
  12. Pulling into work at a modest pace last fri morning I chose to use handbrake assist with my parking after pulling some nice drift around the previous corner. Brakes locked up on the gravel and my front left guard copped a nasty dent from a near by pole. (Whoops, shouldn't have been such a cocky lil sucker.) Went to Tparts (Toyota Wrecker In Auckland, NZ) and they had a white rev1/2 GT there with the motor ripped out. Ended up buying 2 Modified* Toms skirts (*:they have a splitter attached to the front of each side? Looks the nads but.), a full stainless steel exhaust system with decat pipe, and a front left guard. All for the crazy price off NZ$500. (About 200 pounds?) All second hand, but sweet all the same. Now I just need a Border Front, end caps and bonet and I'll be set :D
  13. I didn't know this trick,could someone explain it in a bit more detail or point me to instructions somewhere??? NZMR2
  14. Try this: http://www.mr2.com/ARTICLE/Mk2_Clutch_Job.html Might be better ones around?
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