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  1. Hi, I got this car (1989 Supra Turbo 5-speed) shipped to me from the States. No parts, no technicians able to work on it where I live. It is me, the internet (for ordering parts like spark plugs!!! this is how rare this car is here) and the Chilton repair manual. I am going to order the Toyota Repair Manual soon. My problem is Code 51, I am ordering the TPS soon. What about the NSW, my car is 5-spd, do I have it? Also, what is the A/C switch?If any of you guys have the part #'s, it will save me tons of time on the slowest internet on planet Earth, like I said, even the dealer here does not have any reference for this car. The car was NEVER sold here. Most important, how do I clear the code after repair. I only read that code 51 and 53 can not be erased. However, I saw on the internet how to clear code 53 but not 51. Thanks for all your help. Is it true that the car will go in safe mode when the "Check Engine" light is on and will not give it's full power? Again, thanks, Rachid
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