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  1. HI guys and gals; Have been away for a bit but now back. I am looking at the following problem. I run a FM radio transmitter with not good reception and lots of interference. I am now looking at connectng my iphone / ipod into the wiring. I have previosuly bought a parrot but the plugs are different, however it fits my Avenisis, so all was not lost. options are: original toyota Bluetooth interface. I have seen an aerial interface for about 30 quid, where a conncectionbox fits in between the aerial cable. not sure about results. or another parrot but the i could have problems with the wiring again. The CD player is bust so I am quite ahppy to remove the wiring from that and reuse the wires. Can anyone out there tell me if they have done something similar and if it work OK? regards rick
  2. Hi, waiting for mine rto be done, just wondering, as they replace fule pipes, there must be a certian amount of fuel going wasted. Do they repay you for this? They should do !!! My friendly Mr T. manager (we are on first name terms as he is a very helpfull guy) said that my rear pads need to go, quoted GBP100 for the job. had a look at home and there was at least 4-5 mm left. will leave it for a bit longer i think. regards rick
  3. Bump. 2 more ppl have entered a team. Go on, its free :) rick
  4. Noticed oneperson has added to our league. can you reply here too, so we can tell who entered. cheers and good luck. ps. Tom and i have added several teams, so dont stop with one if you want. unless you want to have a proper toc 'fight'. in that case we will nominate our prefered team. rick
  5. After last years roaring succes (three entries), surely we can do better this year. http://fantasyf1game.net/ come on dont be shy and enter a team. I have created a league named: toyota owners club. my boy and me have entered a few teams already. rick ps. i have checked recently and no posts seem to have been made regarding this. deadline is 11th of March at midnight
  6. Sam; Based on my experience with a petrol Avensis, coming from a petrol Mark II grey import, i found that the Avensis takes ages before the needle reaches the 'normal' position. at first i thought the thermostat was broken but then i did not get a 'colder' reading when going down a hill. I now think that the postition of the temperature sender is in a different position. on the Mark ii i think it woulds be 'inside' the thermostat circuit i.e the water that is circuilated inside the engine before it heats up sufficient and opens the thermostat. On the Avensias I believe the sender is outside the thermostat circuit as it also 'nudges' the needle as the water warms. I have to admit i did not look into this too deeply, just my thoughts. rick
  7. Hi Simon; Not sure if you bought the car in the the end, but ill tell you my experiences with a Mark II (similar to a chaser). You should be able to find it on the list here. http://specs.cars-directory.net/toyota/chaser/1992_760/ Mine was a 1991 model, so slightly older but the engine was the same 1G-FE unit. I had no problem areas as such and absolutely loved the car. nice smooth engine, only problem with the AT was that on small hills the over drive had to be switched off to keep momentum. MPG 32-35 which i found acceptable for a car and engine this size. Only problem i had was that the exhaust had to come from Japan and took 2 weeks. Had to sell the car when 18 years old as the brake and fuel pipes were getting rusty and it would cost too much to replace. so that is worth looking out for. it was the area where the pipes run just in front of the rear wheel (nearside i think). BUt apart form that you will have a good car, asnd something different. I had mine for 8 years. would have another one tomorrow but then would put LPG on it. LOL. my local dealer was able to supply parts too !! just quote the number on the vin plate: GX90-ATPQK or similar. if you want more info PM me and i can give you my phone number. good luck rick
  8. Just my two pannies here, as i fell into the trap ,myself buying a 55 2.0 petrol wanting to convert it to LPG when my job moves a lot further next year. ince 2002 or so the petrol engines are direct petrol injection, which i have been told you cannot convert to LPG due to the injectors overheating due to the lack of fuel going trough and cooling them. So I have given up the idea. Noticed that any trip on motorway I get 40+ anyway, that will do. rick
  9. http://www.autoshop101.com/ enjoy rick
  10. Thanks guys; I forgot to add, that I know what makes them tick, and hwo they work, but after changing form an 18 year old car to a 4 year old the amount of technology baffles a bit. at least the technology in the background. I do agree that is it very good at economy runs. did 43 at 70 Mph steady'ish and about 41 at 75. not bad for petrol. It just felt that after the engine braking started by closing the throttle there was something else that caused retardation. My dad has got a Prius so I am used to engine braking and the like. Cheers rick
  11. Hi Guys; I was driving down a hill the other day on cruis (55 2.0 Ltr petrol manual), and initially it felt like that obviously the throttle input reduced to stop the speed increasing. as i went further down the hill and the speed was about to increase above the speed set initially, it felt that there was something else at work to help keep the speed down. Now my question is : Do the brakes or something else automatically apply to ensure that the speed stays down to the set point? thanks in advance for your answers. rick
  12. Given the fact that there are only 3 of us playing :( maybe we can enter into the thing that the 'great' supremo bernier E. suggested and give poeple medlas for the first 3 places. Gold , Silver and Bronze. We could do something similar and see If that alters the postition at the end of the year. Your thoughts. Rick Oh I forgot LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOSSSSEEEEERRRRRRSSSS LOLOLOLOLOL :) Wanted to put the Glee 'L' in but am at work and it doesn't work here apart form the slow workstations.
  13. Only three entries under the TOC banner out of how many members. Are we all hung up now the Toyota F1 team has seized to excist????? I for one didn't like them, as I didn't like their attitude, and the drivers they employed. Now I am a big Lotus F1 fan esp the CC era, but to see Mike and Trulli back there is awful. Anyway we have 3 entries Let battle commence. As we cannot chabge the entries now we mihgt as well post our entries. mine are: massa hamilton force india Cosworth. and based on the q results that i have quite a good start. but obvioulsy the race will sort the men form the boys. good luck all that entered. rick
  14. 2 entries so far :( come on guys, lets enter for some light hearted competition. rick
  15. So you are saying phoenix that even when the floor matt recall came out, the pedal mecahnism was the REAL problem. ND it took Toyota this long to awknoledge this. This is POOR man. Serious loss of face !!!!!!!!!
  16. Going slightly off-topic here, but as I have only driven a gen2 Prius, does the regen braking work differently in the gen3? rick
  17. HI Guys; I am confused about the timeline of this recall. maybe timeline is the wrong word, but you will get my drift if you read my little story. First of all neither my car (55 Avensis) or my dad's (54 Prius) are affected by this issue, so I have no axe to grind, apart from the fact that the Prius recently had to have a new waterpump, as it was slightly leaking past the seal, and the replacement came under a different PN. indicating to me that they must have re-designed it in some way. Design fault to start with??? Anyway, my main question is that I am interested in, if the floor matt recall was a genuine problem or if it was only performed whilst the pedal was the problem after all and not the floor matt. In my Avensis if have fitted the mats from my Mark II, and although there are loose I cannot see how they can move themselves ON TOP of the pedal. I am in two minds at the moment, whereas a lot of people are complimenting Mr.T in keeping their cars safe, I am probably clouded by media coverage, in thinking that if the Floor matt recall was a red herring, and they have to finally admit defeat and issue a much more publiced (jumped on by the media) recall for something that might have been the problem all along. If it is the latter then serves them right, but if it is the former then well done Toyota. I do hope they they will give up their quest to become the worlds largest maker, and go back to making good quality cars again, as when i read the current forums it makes me cry, as there are some problems there that I never even had with my 18 year old (150K miles) Mark II import. 70+k with brake pads anyone or 100+k with discs and then not worn out. I do miss this car, but after 8 years in my possesion the fuel and brake pipes were rusty, so she had to go. Sorry for this maybe being a bit ignorant of the issues, but there have been some many stories about this thing it has made it hard to follow which is which. regards rick
  18. HI Greg; probably a stupid remark here, but I'm going to make it anyway: You havent moved the wheel for the height adjustment of the headlights all the way to '5' haven't you? Might be worth a check, as you mention the light is not being 'thrown' properly. Otherwise you might want to get the intensity and adjustment checked. Most places might offer such a service, and inside the adjustment /measuring box there is normally a cell that measures thei intensity. GL rick
  19. HI deckard and welcome; On my Avensis you need to unscrew a little absorber that allows the glove box to open slowly (T-spirit perk :)), and then squeeze the sides, and at the same time pull the top end towards you. you should then be able to see the fusebox. You might also want to check the pollen filter for blockages and remove any samll debris. rick
  20. Knowledgeable (sp) contact at local dealer does not think it can be done. Case closed. rick
  21. Pete; I thought the T-S IS fully loaded. what do you reckon is missing? rick ps. I will try a MP3 disc tonite.
  22. So do I, but then the satnav readout get s a little to dim :( I will ring up dealer as I have to ask them something, and ask. rick
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