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  1. Genuine wheels from Yaris or E12 fit without any problems on E10 and E11 as long as it is 4x100 pattern. All using same (short style) genuine wheelnuts with flat base.
  2. It is a calculated range so dont make too much problems of it. With lower temperatures, more use of heating an AC the MPG will be a bit more.. Best is to calculate the MPG yourself when just filled up. That makes much more sense as looking what the car tells you about range and MPG.
  3. Maybe volume of satnav voice is 0?? Just press the `volume +´ button on the moment when satnav should speak.
  4. Got the retrofit update this morning and it works great. Official by my Toyota dealer.
  5. Think about the wheelnuts. The nuts for genuine alloy do not fit most aftermarket alloy wheels.
  6. I have a C-HR since 2017 and noticed just a few times the parking sensors suddenly dont work.. when driving into my garage they always scream and beep.. but a few times they are not... Don´t know how but when you switch the car OFF and ON again it is all working OK. Its like they are suddenly switched off while driving. No fault in system found ever..
  7. For many years we drove and treated our 2-door RAV4.. but after 13 years we trade it in for a new Corolla TS. Some older members will know me.. with a change of car, the car will change also. The ´base´ was a Corolla 2.0 Hybrid in a business-sport trim. In Precisious Silver. It have all options exept full leater. That because we like the half-leahter trim much more. We did´nt like the original rims.. so while we´re waiting for the car to be manufactured and be delivered, we choose our own. Its the wife´s car so she (how strange!) had a expensive taste.. the wheels of a Lexus IS
  8. Our loaded blue 2-door RAV4 XA2 is no more.. we sold it. To be exactly, we trade it in for a brand new Corolla 2.0L hybrid Touring Sport. The RAV4 was a great car. No big repairs and drove it for 13 years. Only the fuel consumption was too much.. the 2.0 Corolla does double the MPG. With 180HP.
  9. Nobody have any Corolla E7 parts for sale?
  10. Looking for taillight parts for early model TE71 or KE70 coupe version. Dont need the lenses itself.. but need all other parts as wiring, bulbholders and inner part of taillights. Also looking for plastic center trim between taillights! See pics!
  11. Anyone who have taillight parts for Corolla E7 coupe version, please reply!
  12. Its been a while but she is still going strong!!
  13. Im looking for rear CDX spoiler for Corolla Hatch AE100/EE100 type. Also have to be shipped to Netherlands! If you have one, let me know. Thanks!
  14. Have had same with my 4.2 of 2005. The dealer checked it but nothing wrong. Seems to be the pads that move a bit they said. But after the last winter it was away.
  15. Have someone try the China-made RAV4 camera´s that are on eBay and fit in licence lights? Wonder if that fits a 2005 RAV4.2 For B9001 or B9000 Satnav systems you need a NTSC camera. PAL does not work on my B9001 Got mine working on the 4-pin connector. Cam or not, it did not help me when i bumped into the neighbout while we both reversed to park out.. :(
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