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  1. Hi Kingo, I'm attempting to retrofit an auto dim mirror to my recently acquired 2015 Yaris Hybrid Icon, I've managed to source the mirror but it's missing the cover that hides from view the power connector between the back of the mirror and the headlining (see photo attached). Would you kindly supply a price please? Also looking for prices of: Rubber boot mat (low floor no deck board) Rubber floor mats (one piece rear) Centre console storage box Cargo net vertical Cruise control stock (another possible retrofit project) Thanks in advance, Mark.
  2. Anyone tried or know whether it is possible to retrofit LED DRL headlamps to a 2015 Yaris Hybrid Icon which came with halogens ones? Is it a straight swap or is some programming necessary to make it work properly? Just to be clear I'm asking about the whole headlamp unit, not just the bulb. Also does a headlamp removal involve the front bumper coming off?
  3. I don't want to be rude, but I'm still amazed that there seems to be a misconception in the UK that winter tyres are only useful when there is snow.
  4. Continental has recently released the TS830P which are designed for bigger wheels including 215/45/17.
  5. Even the US don't have all-weather rubber mats now after a product recall, and again we are left stranded when aftermarket companies (Weathertech) only make LHD versions. Surely they have a need for RHD rubber mats in Japan, COME ON TOYOTA JP MAKE SOME!
  6. I don't mean to be rude or condescending, but if I take my vehicle to an independent garage to service it, they may or may not have the right tools to reset the service indicator, and if not then I have to pay my dealer extra to get rid of the warning? Thanks but no thanks.
  7. Would somebody confirm which measurement on scangauge is for engine temp. Is it WT?
  8. Thank you very much, someone checked the tyres out and answered my question. As a gadget / tech fan, the Prius really appeals to me as many features are quite far ahead of the competition, and I thought the Prius appeals to younger generation because of that, and withmany of the celebs (US anwyay) having already jumped on the bandwagon, you figured there would be more people imitating it. Like many others I'm disappointed that Toyota UK has decided to leave off a lot of the fancy functions available in other markets (LED lights, lane assist, folding mirrors). As long as the base package is already pretty well spec (unlike say BMWs), I don't mind a long (or even expensive) options list, I want more choices!
  9. I have used etyres before, and found it to provide excellent service and a good price, it may not be the cheapest but since it's mobile you can get it done at home or the office car park, pretty convenient. You should NEVER get run flat tyres unless your vehicle is designed for it, as the suspension would be designed specifically either for normal tyres or RFTs.
  10. I'm sorry to repeat myself, but you didn't happen to notice what tyres they got on the 17" (brand/model)?
  11. Thanks for all the wheel info, I am aware of the wheel and tyre sizes, I'm just curious what brand/model of tyres they chose, since I doubt many of the "Eco" model tyres are available in 17".
  12. Did you happen to notice what tyres are on the Prius? Just wondering what Toyota chose to put on as default.
  13. Thought I read somewhere that it is 100GB, if it's only 10GB I might as well just stick with my 80GB iPod.
  14. Thanks for the info Janey. It's a bit of an odd one since I am not exactly looking for steel wheels to fit on an Avensis but on a Prius, strange I know but doing some research on what is the smallest/skinniest wheels/tyres that can be fitted for winter use, and choosing steel rather then alloys due to cost. The US Prius have 15" alloys of following specs, so trying to identify whether the Avensis has steel wheels of the same, since the offset, pcd and bore matches. 15 X 6J Offset 45 PCD 5X100 Bore 54.1 If anyone who has the last gen Avensis and confirm, much appreciated since all I can seem to find on the net for specs on a T2 (lowest trim) still seem to have 16" steel wheels.