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  1. More than likely would be the clutch wearing at a guess and from experience, You could actually try and adjust the clutch free play from underneath the clutch pedal, There are guides on how to do this, I would try this first and keep it within manufacturers tolerance. If this does not help then i would say its possible clutch may be due.
  2. its the lexus lights! hopefully a tuner will bring out a nice toned out oem version of rear lights!
  3. Looks like you spoke too soon... :) Hot Toyota GT 86 planned I think i did that sounds better! I just think toyota should leave the options open and give more choice. I understand the whole concept to bring back pure driving and balance but they have done that, They need to compete in the market with affordable faster coupes. a 28000 GT86 should be sitting with the VW Sciroccos and 1 series coupes. FI just gives that option to ring out that little bit more and make it a better ROAD performer. If all we wanted was pure driving balance and a excellent chassis i would just buy an AE86.
  4. Very true, In class yes it wins hands down but after all this wait i just feel toyota should have been competing against the bigger cars. I will take back what i say if another version of the GT86 arrives a more pumped up wild turbo version but put it this way i was seriously considering buying one but now i think for the average joe driver the thrill is stunning knowing you can enjoy this off the track. But i just feel will it frustrate me on the road because of the low torque numbers and bhp? Sometimes you want a bit more. Im comparing power and torque similar to a type r civic now. Around the 150LBFT mark and also bhp wise.....The civic was very light at around 1200, This is around 1180kg.
  5. No doubt its a excellent chassis i agree it should be sufficient enough but the thing which has put me off is the power being so low i wanted toyota to come back with something over the 200 mark so it draws in appeal. I suppose the unlocked ECU would be a massive bonus but considering how japanese tuning companies are generally struggling and the cost of imported parts is alot one will need to have deep pockets. I prefer the concepts shape and styling a bit more. I feel they made this look a bit hyundai style and the rear lights are awful.
  6. I was very excited upon first hearing about the FT86 now thats its made its way into production? No turbo model?? Im sorry but toyota achieved 190BHP in a celica albeit FWD, NA boxer engine HMMM? they needed a power plant im annoyed that they didnt up the power and use a turbo for more power and efficiency, The GT86 is average in terms of performance my A3 1.8TFSI manages 0-60 in 7 odd seconds? My t-sport was just about as quick as this in book figures. A notch in power was needed there is no need to revive the AE86 its still legendary and they can be bought and restored to serve there purpose but this should be bringing us something new or take a different approach and i dont think it does, Still NA, Lack of power the only bonus is its rear wheel drive and it looks erm OK? The rear end is questionable.
  7. Couple of us ran oil catch cans for a bit, I noticed the oil build up in the IACV and TB when i removed my inlet and TB. When tsport786 had his intake manifold blasted and cleaned up we did notice it was alot more peaky so a clean up of the IACV and either a breather filter or catch can would benefit long term for sure to stop oil blow by. The fuel pump is a good find aswell read up on new celica about it.
  8. I sat in loads of set ups when i had the t-sport so heres my opinion. Best Tein Superstreet or KWs, Both were very comfortable but tein being more comfortable than both. Handling when set up was good on both sets. If your on a tighter budget D2 or BC, They are identical in all aspects think they are made by the same supplier if im honest. Both are good entry level performance coilovers but i found both to be to harsh for road use even on the softest settings. (I do live in london though so we have to put up with speedbumps and bad roads)
  9. My t-sport ECU was as follows Had 4 Plugs
  10. Contact a guy on here called nrgizerbunny he can put you in the right direction ;)
  11. Cheers dude! dont worry im still hard core jap tooo. I was contemplating a DC5 Teg but then i will miss torque so i found a solution possibly. (I like my hatches!)
  12. I like the compressors but they do have there faults. The reason why these faults are so pronounced is the fact that you can very rarely source parts easily for them and in a few years it will get harder. From the word go it was assumed it would be up against the quicker hatches yet in essence in stock form it is maybe very slightly faster than a standard t-sport or a civic type r. Not to mention inconsistent power, No intercooler as standard heat soak hampered performance and the lack of after market support. I will say this now however looking at prices a compressor to buy now is very well worth it, When i bought my t-sport a few years back a decent compressor was around 10k....Now you can pick up a mid mileage model for 5-6k. Well worth it but fuel bills are expensive and you then weigh up running cost for performance. This is where the VAG cars do excel....Economy engines with turbos. Torque and decent numbers with cars that easily produce 30mpg plus!
  13. One of the reasons i changed up aswell, Its alot of car for the money but i used to hate going on long journeys in the car or with a few passengers as it was slightly uncomfy with lowered suspension, Noisy on the motorway 70mph in 6th gear and the RPM is like 4.5k, Lack of torque was another regardless of increased power the poor torque band and figures made it very bland to drive when pottering about town.
  14. like the roof wrap but im not to keen on the carpon petrol cap and boot build. Its a compressor dude! keep the body OE and lightweight!! a nice tidy smaller system would work wonders
  15. @ LAA69 You live in south london right? Rumour has it there was an undercover Black compressor in the west london area aswell. So looks like the london forces do use them as under cover cars.
  16. To be fair mine was very similar, Its near impossible to get a good match on the bumper because of the material. I spoke to my body shop guy about this. The only way i rectified it was by a full respray. Mine was alot darker in comparison to the body May be worth getting them to blend into the wings
  17. The rotiforms look good, i know the look your going for. I can see this taking good form if you swap the front end to a facelift and maybe go a bit darker on the wheels in a gunmetal your onto a winner. The wheels sit well and you have a nice bit of stretch on the tyre, My only negative opinions would be the rotiforms look a bit to bling for the car, A more subtle color with your stance would work great or a dished wheel.
  18. I did one a while back for a camcon its alot more simpler but you can only make out a few main wires to install a camcon. THIS WEBSITE STOLE MY DIY LOL Camcon Install Scroll down you will see a generic diagram for A/F, Maf, VVT etc
  19. Tim! when my insurance drops i will buy one again as a toy and go for the buddy clubs slammed and just race specd!!! i miss lift but torque and turbos just make a bit more sense
  20. Heres some pics of my car this was on h&r springs with 17x7.5 215/45/17 tyres When i was on coilovers
  21. I got a front set for sale brand new if interested.
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