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  1. hello folks, i havent posted for a really long time i appologise. 2 things has anyone fitted a tns 200 sat nav system into their corolla? and has anyone fitted a toyota bluetooth kit into their corolla? i bought the bluetooth kit from toyota direct but in confusing myself before i fit it because i cant understand how you would answer the phone? my vehicle has steering wheel controls for the radio would these do it? i know the rav's have a push to talk button so do i have the wrong kit? i phoned back toyota but the dude i dealt with has broke his foot and his sidekick wasnt much help to be hone
  2. those engines are common for the intake manifold internals failing causing a rattling noise
  3. there was an issue with the compressors having increased crankcase pressure that was popping the dipsticks out but i dnt no if there was ever a fix for it?
  4. yeah my dealership where i got my car 7months back is terrible too.bought the car thinking i was getting a years toyota as this is the case with buying a used toyota from a toyota dealership. 5months in engine develops a rattle took it in found out i wasnt covered because the dealership didnt see fit to include it with my deal so i was basically told to beat it unless i wanted to shell out for labour for there mechanics to look at it
  5. i got all my c-one parts off a company in japan called greenline dealt with a dude called jason there he was a great help and the parts arrived within 2-3days there is a company in uk that also got me c-one bits called www.tuningdevelopments.co.uk you say there stuff is expensive but trust me its top quality my gt4 handled amazing after i put there gear on
  6. hmmmmmmmmmmmm neva thought of that ill need to have a look
  7. this is imulsification of the oil cap it happens when a car is used for short journeys usually, as long as the oil on the dipstick is good oil you shouldnt worry
  8. been doing some snoopin on the internet found out that the 2zzge engine is known for bending valves if miss shifted at high revs which i recall doing o dear :( kinda thinking i mite sell her on as i dont wanna go takin off the head and having a look the noise isnt that bad but i have noticed an increase in fuel consumption lately maybe the bent valve is letting in more air?then the ecu is putting in more fuel to get the ratio correct????
  9. toyota released special gearbox oil for this problem of stiff/tight gearchanges for the avensis/auris d-cat 6speed boxes
  10. very common problem with them mate there all like that
  11. i had the a problem with the tints too on my corolla sr the tint started to peel off at the bottom and my toyota branch said they didnt no what to do about it!after much ****** around it got sent to a specialist who fitted a new tint onto the window
  12. iv have seen in ocv's in the past that tiny bits of metal swarf get in there and jam them up not allowing movement,just a thought. this really is a strange case id hate to have this car on my ramp right now. i did read on the net that the earlier tsports oil pump suffered from breakdown resulting lose of pressure and then engine failure obviously, back to an earlier point though you said that tester showed that lift was engaging???could it possibly be a vvti controller fault???or would this throw up a fault code?????
  13. is it a petrol or diesel? if its a diesel you will need to remove the timing belt and id replace it just to be sure
  14. cheers for the replys lads i had a look at the lift bolts they were slightly worn but not 2 bad gona change them anyways it does sound like its coming from the valve train area but there is no lack of power or lights on just need 2 see wot happens hopefully it aint anyfin 2 worry about
  15. any corolla tsport owners herd a rattling noise from the cam cover area? vehicle is serviced every 3months so god knows what it is :(
  16. id up the brakes to m8 im sure ud also have to change the driveshafts
  17. the loud creaking noise when turning the steering could possibly be the rubber strut tops weve been doing alot recently
  18. i got a set of tein springs off of ebay last month for my st205, i managed to get my hands on a set of trd coilovers but they needed rebuilt but the dudes at fensport couldnt really help me get new inserts, just got no response from my emails :(
  19. it will be coming through your aerial base then thats a warranty issue if your cars still in warranty
  20. if its the original key for the car the immobiliser code should still be in the ecu so i suggest changing the battery in the fob then re coding in the remote because that code will will be gone but ud have to take it toyota maybe unless anyone elso knows a garage that codes keys
  21. we haved done nquite a few abs sensors on the new shape ravs and they bring on the same warnings on the dash
  22. i was on ebay last night and theres a trd front brace on there for not alot of pennies may be of interest to you
  23. doubtin it mate to be honest it was probably on its way to a showroom and hadnt even been pdi'd yet they all come covered in that plastic noncense
  24. the ravs have to be between 6 and 8 clicks
  25. is there not a fuse box section in the drivers footwell ud need to go up next to the pedal box to see it though also behind the glovebox area there is covers which tell you which fuse does what and its also in your manual
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