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  1. In my opinion...if only aux is necessary...go for the cheap solution...but if you want USB, iPod, BT etc. go for a solution that supports texts...as you wont regret it 🙂
  2. Havent tried this myself...but I'm quite familiar with both units...and after checking...I can see there are at least two plugs that differ...but i cant remember what they are used for...sorry.
  3. The W53901 and W53904 are identical...at least in terms of the plugs used...so this should be a direct swap 🙂
  4. I've actually had a 2011 T27 myself a few years ago so I'm quite familiar with this headunit 🙂 But to be completely honest..being in the business of aftermarket caraudio...i exchanged it for an aftermarket one back then...and only put the OEM unit back in...when i traded in the T27 for another car at the dealership 🙂 What about SK-Autosound? They should be able to sell you a unit without the hassle of importduty/tax and massive freight costs?
  5. Heres a side by side picture of the old and the new accessory ports on Toyota: But keep in mind that the modelyears printed on the picture are "general" as the new plug was slowly introduced over the entire Toyota range....over time. In my opinion...the old accessory plug on the left denotes...no text support...while the new one on the right denotes text support.
  6. Also...please note...that you have to select what text to show by using the TEXT/DISP button, as the headunit in default mode will only say Track 1, Track 2 etc.
  7. That is in my opinion more of a blanket statement...to secure that no one gets disappointed buying their solution thinking that it will give text support on ALL headunits 🙂 And it is mainly relevant on the older CD-changer platform, that did not have support for CD-text. As far as i know all Toyota headunits with CD-changer support that uses the small 12-pin accessory plug (that they still use for accessories), have text support 🙂 And to give a picture of how old this earlier platform is...as far as i know...you have to go back to the T23 Avensis to be able to find a headunit without text support on the CD-changer port 🙂
  8. If you are asking what Toyota I've used it on...the question would have to be "a whole bunch!" 😄 As I'm in the caraccessory business...and have sold most of the known solutions for Toyota/Lexus...as well as a huge selection of the unknowns. But the only ones that I've seen handle text properly on Toyota and Lexus is Dension's Gateway Lite solution. Although...there is reason to believe that Vaistech's solutions will do the same on European Toyota/Lexus models, but i haven't confirmed this on many models...yet. On the other hand...if you are asking what specific Dension solution I'm referring to...it would be: Dension Gateway Lite - USB/iPod/Aux integration - Will emulate either CD-changer or MD-changer. https://www.dension.com/automotive/products/car-multimedia-solutions/gateway-lite Dension Gateway Lite BT - Bluetooth/USB/iPod/Aux integration - Will emulate either CD-changer or MD-changer. https://www.dension.com/automotive/products/car-multimedia-solutions/gateway-lite-bt
  9. Ahh...good 🙂 Technically there will be a difference, but as long as it is not noticeable...we're good 🙂
  10. @lpher


    I agree that the sound quality should be addressed...
  11. @lpher


    Oh...i almost forgot... Here's a link to a video quickly just threw together to show to the OP, what the new integrated system will look on her car 🙂 This is actually a world Exclusive...as this is the first time these Toyota radios have been able to receive DAB+ signals and not only DAB signals as the OEM module did! 😄 And...also...before the moderators goes to town on me...i have not...and will not sell any of units on this board (or directly anywhere else)...as I'm only affiliated with the manufacturer...and our intention is to sell this solution through either Toyota/Lexus dealers and reputable carstereo and accessories dealers 🙂
  12. @lpher


    I attended the WorldDAB Automotive seminar in Italy last week, and got first hadn information about what happens with DAB in Europe (+ Australia) And although you guys are heading for the exit door...in relation to EU-membership...your government will seemingly adopt the same line as all other EU membercountries that states that DAB+ will have to be made mandatory on new cars before the end of 2020! And although it in no way is a perfect allegory...imagine not wanting to invest in 5G...as 4G is "more than enough"?! 😄 Weird thing...for broadcaster this isn't actually far off. But as I've previously stated...many of the radiobroadcasters needs to make an effort to transit in much higher soundquality than they do today...as the DAB+ system is more than capable of this 🙂 Also...integrated DAB-solutions needs to be available for cars...as much of the cheaper dash-mounted DAB-units isn't doing the listening experience any favours either! 😄
  13. Wow...that is some work you have done to make this work 😄 Out of curiosity...is there a reason why you are not using the Metra ASWC-TOY-LEX or a similar interface? http://www.metraonline.com/part/ASWC-TOY-LEX
  14. After having used the shorter antennamast for a few weeks...how much of a drop in reception did you experience...if any? 🙂