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  1. @lpher


    I've worked in this business for a few decades now...and i can tell you for sure that you will get DAB+...sometime... Question is when off course 🙂 The main incentive is on the transmitting end...as there are significant costsavings for radiostations with using DAB+ instead of DAB. In regards to using 4G or 5G for radio listening instead...it wont be feasible for many years yet, and even then...IF it becomes possible for the 5G network to handle radio traffic also...most countries also have laws that require radio to be "free, and for all" Although i must admit it seems that many radiostations in the UK have missed the mark, as they in many cases seem to have crammed way to many stations on to each multiplex...with the result that many DAB-stations have !Removed! sound quality...even on small cheap tabletop radios...and THAT's a real achievement if you ask me! 😄
  2. @lpher


    In regards to Brexit… As an outsider...I feel i better stay out of political subjects! 😄
  3. @lpher


    I beg to differ... You've had DAB+ since early 2016 :) But what's more important is that from January 2021 DAB+ will be mandatory in new cars sold within most European countries and the UK will at some point have to move to DAB+ as most other countries in Europe (+ Australia) as pledged to do this.
  4. @lpher

    Stereo adapter 1 din

    The ".2" on the Connects2 CTSTY001.2 denotes that it supports the HF button(s) on the steeringwheel...IF the car is equipped with it, that is.
  5. I'd advice against a swap...as the mk1 has PSA harness etc, while the mk2 has Toyota harness.... So...I'd personally opt to change to an aftermarket 2-DIN like eygo suggests 🙂
  6. @lpher


    You might be able to buy it through a dealer, or via ebay as mentioned. But please be aware that this OEM unit is DAB-only, and is not capable of receiving DAB+, and will therefore be rendered obsolete in the very near future. There will be launched an updated version of this unit with DAB and DAB+ hopefully within the coming months, at a competitive pricepoint 🙂
  7. @lpher

    DAB radio

    Thanks for the headsup Frosty. Sending you a PM now 🙂
  8. @lpher


    I agree with Heidfirst's assumptioin...as I've never been asked a code on the CD/Radios of the T25, and I've tinkering with these for many years 🙂
  9. @lpher

    DAB radio

    The OEM Toyota retrofit DAB option seems to be compatible with the Facelift T25 onwards, and although you could cut and splice the plug as my fellow countryman Johan suggests, i highly doubt it would work...as these earlier headunits seem to lack the needed compatibility with the OEM DAB-module. I have actually been working on a project to add DAB+ to many Toyota (and Lexus) models for well over three years now and the finished product will be launched soon. Tus...the reason why i have looked extensively into this 😉 We have basically made up a DAB/DAB+ version of the old Panasonic produced Toyota DAB-only black box unit, that is no longer sold in most markets as its DAB only. This is pure "plug & play" on most Toyota/Lexus models, and will hopefully be available in the coming month or so 🙂 https://www.toyota-tech.eu/aimuploads/{2EB56924-49D9-8138-C7D1-D4897A7449D9}/Avensis_DAB_LHD_PZ473_T0210_0_AIM_000_604_2.pdf
  10. hcy1234: Your car has the actice speaker system it seems...
  11. You have this headunit? http://www.google.no/imgres?q=toyota+corolla+verso+headunit&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1920&bih=975&tbm=isch&tbnid=gxoDIcH4P1l_mM:&imgrefurl=http://shop.mediaexponent.com/Product-offer-nb-1042&docid=F88qd5w7YwjDiM&imgurl=http://shop.mediaexponent.com/WebRoot/GPL/Shops/01042009-135970/4F85/8CE8/6015/5133/2B5F/0A28/1008/B04E/toyota-corolla-verso_2003-2006.jpg&w=600&h=450&ei=kn0EUJn6IMyM4gSv5qWkCA&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=1118&vpy=650&dur=1110&hovh=194&hovw=259&tx=109&ty=103&sig=117840186020250420392&page=1&tbnh=145&tbnw=193&start=0&ndsp=47&ved=1t:429,r:43,s:0,i:209
  12. The Pre facelift Corolla Verso doesnt have either of these...
  13. The navi sytems in the T27 (pre facelift at least) is not connected to the car in any serious manner, so if you want excellent sound and connectability...go aftermarket... That is the ONLY way :) I've got a 2010 model, and have exchanged the not-especially-good (to be polite) headunit with a Clarion NX502E navi headunit. Just be sure to buy a steeringwheel interface that does support the use of the phone buttons ;)
  14. This SHOULD work as Toyota didnt alter any of the important connectors on the T25. Standard Toyota power + speakers connector Standard Toyota Steeringwheel buttons connector Standard DIN-connector for FM-antenna I take it for granted that neither your car or the donor car has an active speaker system though :)