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  1. All known...and most unknown..brands will work with the buttons on the steeringwheel, but beware that in most cases you'll need an interface for this..such as Connects2's CTSTY002.2.
  2. On the Code issue... If i understand you correctly...the screen is blank? It doesn't ask for a code or anything? If this is the case i would start looking at fuses. In regards to navigation...all units have the Navi button...but the Navi module itself was an option...so in reality majority of these cars dont have it installed...at least in my home market 🙂
  3. I know...as i work with this for a living...but i have yet to see Chinese text on an oem Toyota headunit...but i might just have been lucky! 😄
  4. But "Chinese writing" ….this surely cant be an OEM headunit?
  5. Could you post a picture of your headunit?
  6. In relation to your concerns... As far as i know...you should not get any error code by changing the oem headunit. The only downside is that the settings that might be available there, off course wont be vailable to you after you've changed to an aftermarket headunit. So....in my book...it all comes down to if you are willing to loose the settings and/or info you have in your particular car? 🙂 The best looking fascia I've seen for this Auris is the CT23TY42 fascia from Connects2. Not the cheapest one, i agree...but it is the best looking one I've seen for this car...so far 🙂
  7. I know the feeling…this rattling is quite common when using this method of fastening the aftermarket headunit...but you should be able to get it to settle...but i might have to go give the metal cage another look 🙂
  8. Hi Kenny I might also add that the signals used are indeed identical... Meaning that if you use for instance the Connects2 kit...you will be able to use it...IF...you are willing to cut and rewire the necessary cables...as its only the connectors that are different. 🙂
  9. If i remember correctly...pre facelift E12's uses the "old" connector for the steeringwheelbuttons, while they facelift one...i'm fairly certain got the "new" one that most Toyota's use up until ca. 2008-2010 depending on model. The only aftermarket accessory supplier I've found that has an interface that has this older plug is the ASWC-TOY-LEX from Metra: http://www.metraonline.com/part/ASWC-TOY-LEX
  10. In my mind...the OP had already bought it...but rereading it now...i see that this is not the case 🙂 I have to agree with Heidfirst on this...as going down the aftermarket route should be considered 🙂
  11. In my opinion...if only aux is necessary...go for the cheap solution...but if you want USB, iPod, BT etc. go for a solution that supports texts...as you wont regret it 🙂
  12. Havent tried this myself...but I'm quite familiar with both units...and after checking...I can see there are at least two plugs that differ...but i cant remember what they are used for...sorry.
  13. The W53901 and W53904 are identical...at least in terms of the plugs used...so this should be a direct swap 🙂
  14. I've actually had a 2011 T27 myself a few years ago so I'm quite familiar with this headunit 🙂 But to be completely honest..being in the business of aftermarket caraudio...i exchanged it for an aftermarket one back then...and only put the OEM unit back in...when i traded in the T27 for another car at the dealership 🙂 What about SK-Autosound? They should be able to sell you a unit without the hassle of importduty/tax and massive freight costs?