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  1. Thanks for the replies. I was let down by the Toyota agent who was selling the one I was after. I asked if their workshop could do a battery health check and they clearly weren't interested in doing so. Says a lot really. Anyway I subsequently got an extremely low mileage gen 2. One owner from new and in immaculate condition. Sure it's not a PHV but she's currently giving 60mpg with my wife at the wheel which is much better than the 35mpg her old car was giving.
  2. Hi Does anyone here have one of these or has had and if so what is your opinion. Is it a good buy, how long does the HV LiON battery last, how much does it cost to replace & what is the realistic range. Official figures state +-15miles. Thanks
  3. Agreed, they are going to charge per mile for EV's as well. Like it or not we are screwed no matter which way it goes. As it stands at the moment I am hanging onto my ICE's cars. If fuel becomes scarce I will just run them on Methanol, Ethanol or whatever alcohol comes to hand. Wish I had kept my old Chrysler Grand Voyager as I used to run that on veg oil. But where there's a will there's a way. My personal belief (and am happy for time to prove me wrong) is that the current crop of EV's are stop gap and unless you have one on a PCP you will end up with a white elephant that you can't shift.
  4. Just as a further FYI, this article says Toyota will be producing an H2 version of the Prius in 2023 https://fuelcellsworks.com/news/toyota-to-launch-hydrogen-powered-prius-and-corolla-in-2023/
  5. Page 3-3 of this document addresses your concerns regarding Nitrogen oxides. "Generally, fuel economy is greater and the combustion reaction is more complete when a vehicle is run on a lean mixture. Additionally, the final combustion temperature is generally lower, reducing the amount of pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides, emitted in the exhaust." https://www1.eere.energy.gov/hydrogenandfuelcells/tech_validation/pdfs/fcm03r0.pdf It's not just Toyota that are going down this route. JCB here in the UK looked at EV for their earth moving products but decided H2 ICE made more sense.
  6. Could it be that they see Hydrogen Combustion as the future. No I don't mean Hydrogen Fuel Cell as in the Mirai but actually using liquified H2 in an ICE as in this article. https://global.toyota/en/newsroom/corporate/36074055.html
  7. In my Gen 2 if I leave a turned on mobile phone in the car the alarm goes off. It's a well known issue with the Gen 2. Don't know about newer models though but worth checking.
  8. I upgraded my headset to an Android systemon my 2006 model just this weekend along with 12" digital review mirror. Both great upgrades.
  9. Oh well, hopefully I will encounter ones looking for an easy life.
  10. Hi all I bought one of these and fitted it this weekend. Just wondering if anyone has any experience of them and thoughts as to how to make them more robust. I am thinking rounding the heads on the bolts might help. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284139255198
  11. Yes it was just out of curiosity, whilst I ws playing with all the gadgets. My intention is just to use it in the way Toyota intended. Thanks for confirming the battery status 👍
  12. So I discovered the problem myself today. The condenser is leaking at the union of the bottom left side when facing from the front. Chances are it is just an O ring but that's their problem. I take it in tomorrow.
  13. Have done mate and will do. Cheers
  14. I only the car yesterday and they have agreed to have it fixed. I am dropping it off at the garage on Thursday so let's see. I suspect the condenser has a hole. Interestingly it looks like the battery has had work done previously. I noticed that the material covered board panel that sits on top of the battery in the boot was raised. Upon inspection I could see that the plastic clips weren't located properly. Everything seems to work ok. I have gotten a good KM on EV alone by pressing the EV button so it seems to have range. The battery never shows full on the gauge but reading this forum and others that seems to be normal. Almost certainly there is something lurking, there always is with used cars. I suppose I will find out what in time. Fortunately I have three others cars so won't be stuck for transport.
  15. There is no gas in the system. Dealer promised that he had it vacuum tested and recharged but obviously not. He probably just tried to recharge it with a Halford can hoping that would cure it for the three months warranty period.
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