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  1. many thanks will check it out
  2. anybody know which k&n filter will fit on a 1.8vvti 2000 engine
  3. is the 1.8vvti engine in the avensis the same as the 1.8vvti in the celica
  4. bazzacfc


    hi all you celica owners i own an avensis 1.8vvti 2001 does any one know if this CELICA 00-05 GT GTS VVTI COLD AIR INDUCTION KIT will fit on my engine i have bought a cheap cone filter but cannot fit it due the mass air flow sensor not having anywhere to fit hope someone can help
  5. just been checking k@n website but i cant find anything for an avensis, do you have a part number or place where i can buy one many thanks
  6. Hi, I've just fitted a K&N kit on my 1.8 vvti. The kit is specific for the engine type and is a direct replacement for the airbox so uses the original fixing points of the OE box. The tube that connects the engine hose and cone filter has a hole that the MAS gets plugged in to. That is the only sensor that needed connection. What is the other sensor you need to attach? thanks for that the other sensor is the air temperature i think
  7. cheers for that mate mt sons only 16 i cant wait till he gets a car lol have looked on the net and in usa a company called spectre does an adapter for about 10 pounds shame i cant find one over here i had cortina 1600e in my younger days great car and easy to mod
  8. it appears to be the mass air flow sensor that i am having a problem with, i am not sure wher to put it
  9. hello what are advantages of this filter type ? cheers as far as i am aware you get slightly better performance and mpg, having fitted one to wifes ka it has certanly improved that
  10. going through my second childhood i decided to buy a mushroom air filter for my avensis, however i have a problem with how to fit it, i have taken the air box out and put the filter on the rubber type hose but i do not know what to do with the two sensors that did attach to the old box, when i run the car without them connected it does not rev above 3000 without choking itself, if i connect them the car does not start at all
  11. bazzacfc


    many thanks for your replys i bought a set second hand before checking but you have put my mind at rest many thanks
  12. bazzacfc


    can any one tell me if 16inch toyota celica 5stud wheels will fit on an avensis
  13. sorry avensis 1.8vvti 2001
  14. bazzacfc

    Fuel Pmp

    hi anybody know how much a fuel pump will cost and are they easy to fit
  15. does the toyota avensis have a relay fuse for the rear wiper if so where is it and can a faulty fuse cause the rear wiper to stay on or work erraticlly thanks for any help anyone can offer, oh its a 51 plate 1.8vvti
  16. does the rear wiper motor have a relay fuse, switch, to operate it as my wiper will not turn off and i wondered if this was the reason the cars an avensis 2001 model many thanks
  17. my car got hammered no not drunk lol literally hammered by some ar*****s id had a run earlier in the hoody yobs who think they r tuff in numbers same every where i spose
  18. hi i am trying to order new tyres for 2001 avensis, trouble is wife has taken car and i dont know the tyre size can anyone help me cheers
  19. does any one know how much a new or second hand rear wiper motor would cost, mine only works when it wants to and only stops when it wants to, on taking it apart there seems to be awater in the coil part of the motor so i am assuming that is what is causing it any help would be apreciated cheers
  20. Did you apply the grease to a join inside or outside the car? i.e just above the pedels in the footwell or somewhere under the bonnet? it was inside the car by the pedals
  21. my 2001 avensis vvti 1.8 had this problem i tried wd40 all over to no effect, i did however cure the noise by tracking the steering column down to the pedals and applying grease to the join sorry i dont no the techcnical terms but it did stop the noise
  22. hi folks can anyone tell me how to get the radio out of a 2001 avensis, i turned mine of the other day and when i went to turn it back on i got nothing, the sat nav and mileage computer bits work but no radio or cd player, i did look at both the fuses one in the dash and one under the bonnet they both seemed ok any ideas as to why it aint working or how hard it is to replace iit with a standard sized unit cheers. p.s come on england.........
  23. i have a problem with my steering wheel, after a short time driving i get an annoying squeek when i turn the wheel i have tried squrting wd40 on the column but no joy, anyone have any ideas
  24. anyone know if i can fit a universal induction filter to my 1. 8vvti avensis, if so is it an easy job or is there any mods that need to be done, i had a look under the bonnet and the air filter box seems to have loads of pipes and wires coming of it, was thinking of putting a universal induction filter that id seen on ebay for about £20, will i notice any improvement in acceleration, cheers
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