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  1. Agreed. I too thought that the dealer would have had it wrong... but I have seen two blues "in the flesh" - up close and personal ....and sadly can confirm no standard alloys. Can get a 107 urban with a 1K discount from peugeot at the mo. Plus any dealer discount (expect a few hundred)... so I can't make the maths work for the Aygo - despite the lovely blue colour ! Deag.
  2. I had a really annoying turbo whistle on my T2 D4D... just as the turbo kicked in at around 1800-2000 for around 500 revs....not like a normal turbo whistle which is progressive and nice... eventually got the turbo changed but the dealer claimed that a fair number of the cars had this annoying "characteristic" and that it was normal.
  3. Seems to be some confusion as to whether the Blue has alloys.... the spec on the toyota configurator seems to say yes, but the model that I looked at today does not (confirmed by the dealership). No alloys for the price ....mkes it seem really expensive ! Bluetooth adaptor wired into the roof but not sure that it is integrated into the stereo or a more simpler separate unit (I suspect the latter) Colour is really nice though... Deag
  4. Hi, I am going to buy a C1/107/Aygo and like to colour of the Aygo Blue - with the a/c and the alloys too :P These are listing as from Mr T RRP @£8245 ... but tophat car brokers have them at £7709. What are my chances of getting my local dealer to match.... and has anyone seen or been quoted cheaper ? Thanks Deag.
  5. Extra Torque. 130 vs 93 NM. Not sure why the BHP has been detuned though... but a chip will probably be invented to cure that one... :) :)
  6. 11 ....but they are french made now !
  7. Ah, thanks. Looks neat. But don't you lose the OE display for the radio stations etc ?
  8. ... no, not another how do you fit an aftermarket head unit thread ! I want to upgrade my T2 to have a CD with the head unit from a T3 - these available on e-bay (unless any kind soul has a spare lying around after an aftermarket upgrade which they would sell for a reasonable price ?). Is it just a simple swap out and do I need to worry about the difference between a P1 and a P2. Deag
  9. My car is 29 months old @24K Miles with full toyota service history. Has been fine ever since. Not so close to the car in front to get no air - but it was raining and hence humid. A friend at work had a similar problem with a Renault which he put down to ECU getting confused ? Deag
  10. No warning lights on. Crap in the fuel is possible - filled up the tank around 300 miles earlier at a Murco station... the rest of the tank (190 miles worth) burn't through fine !
  11. So, here is an unusual one... Sitting on the M25 at 7:30 last night after doing nearly 2hrs of the stop, drive 5 yards, stop routine that now seems to be so popular on the London orbital. Put my foot down and no response - felt like the turbo had packed up. The usual 2500 rpm rush was gone but it rev'd up to 4000. Went on another few miles in heavy traffic. Then I can't get it to rev past 2000rpm, then 1500. Limped my way past the M1 turnoff when the road cleared. So, I tried to build speed with what revs I had to get to a service area. After a few minutes of being honked and flashed, the engine suddently starts responding again and perks back into life. Has been fine since. No temp warning lights - though they seem to light on the ignition pre-check. I'm thinking it must be overheating ? Wondering whether the ECU would be able to switch off the turbo in these circumstances... Deag
  12. Just got some champions that are the same size as my old ones. These are code X51 and X36 and yes the Champion reference catalogue does show these 03-on as different than the 99-02 models.
  13. Looking for new wiper blades for my 2003 T2 D4D. The Bosch manual says 21/15 for 1999 onwards - but mine measure up at a fraction less than 20/14 ! Does anyone know whether Toyota changed the wiper sizes when they did the facelift model ? Thanks Deag
  14. It matters most if you wire one speaker one way and the other the other way around (if you know what I mean).
  15. I've got a T2 - 2 speakers in dash. Does anyone know what the improvement would be if I fitted some Xplods (10cm) in the dash but kept the original (2 speaker) headunit ?
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