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  1. I had the same light coming on briefly under harder acceleration - just added more brake fluid and the light never comes on now - it only needed a bit, but it seems to have sorted it.
  2. Another possible alternative? - the UK 6th Gen GT has got 173 bhp (pre-facelift) and 168 bhp (post facelift) - both are 0 - 60 in 7.9 seconds.
  3. Does this dash light only come on when you accelerate hard - or does it come on at any other time?
  4. I love pretty much everything about mine - Red GT ST202 - one quible would be the relative lack of Torque when the engine's hot - it sometimes just feels a bit flat. They run best on a cool evening when the air's cold-ish. Some positives though :D ; It looks better than 95 % - 97 % of cars on UK roads still - (truly amazing considering its 15 years old-ish). You get 0-60 in 7.9 s for a car that costs £ 1250 quid You get a "nippy" quarter mile 15.1 s, again for a car that costs £ 1250 - 1st/2nd/3rd gear Reliable engine Large boot with seats down - easily carries a Road bike Nice driving position Ok-ish mpg on a Motorway Comfortable seats Simple dash Looks awesome with front lights Spots on etc - great looking from the front Wide, well poised and chunky looking from the back Nobody knows what they are anymore - headturner
  5. The ST202 isn't very torquey low down - mine progressively comes alive at 3000-3500 and then at 5000 ish - can feel a bit flat in gear at times especially when the engine's quite warm/hot - they run best in the evening when the air's cool/cold. Having said that, for the money, they're excellent cars from a standing start when using high revs through the gears.
  6. Hi Sam - yes, the rear Anti-role bar bushes are a common issue on older ST202's - they're cheap to get hold of (bit fiddly to change). I've got an M reg ST202 and mine needs the rear bushes replacing. Am also interested in any info on a new set of shocks (mine need doing also).
  7. Hi - The Exhaust would be a candidate - however - you can't really get much out of these without spending big money - possibly a Panel filter, new Plugs? - if you wanted more grunt you could always sell your SR and get a 6th gen GT - that'll give you good BHP and modest Torque improvement.
  8. Just as a comparison with a 6th Gen GT - I get around 25 mpg Urban driving - bit more on a run.
  9. Sump

    Bike Racks

    If its a 6th Gen Celica, then Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes will both fit in the back - just put the back seats forward - if you need more room again just tip the front passenger seat forward aswell - but to reiterate, on the 6th gen, Mountain and Road bikes will both fit quite easily. Alternately - if you've got a Quick release front wheel on your bike, simply whip the wheel off and put it back on when you get out - if you don't know how to do it, practice once or twice to get used to it, then you should be ok.
  10. Hi mate - That's a typical place to start - Panel filter and Exhaust (induction kit for a more "customised" noise, though) - as said, you probably won't get to much out of that, but it will be more responsive and have a better soundack .The 3S-GE is highly tuned, so it's not ripe for too much unless you pay silly money - for big gains, its going to have to be a GT4 (as your'e already probably aware).
  11. Very nice indeed - nice change with the black wheels B)
  12. Very nice indeed mate :)
  13. Hi Nigel - one other variation on this, is that, if you hear the clicking when under gentle/mild braking it'll probably be one of your rear anti-roll bushes - it's very common on the 6th gens - cheap to get replacement parts, bit fiddly to fit - altrernately, could always try wraping a piece of inner tube or similar around - might work.
  14. You could get a P, R or S reg UK 6TH Gen GT for that kind of money - plenty of them around - Imports are another option, SS 2 being an example (Superstrut? expensive - don't know much about them). If you went for a cheaper P or R reg UK GT you'd have some money left over for brake discs/pads all round and suspension changes. Someone else will know more about Imports and the like. As for UK GT engine variations, the 1994/1995 pre-facelift ones had 173bhp as standard, whilst the 1996-1999 post-facelift ones had 168bhp - both are 3S-GE engines. The post-facelift comes with some minor cosmetic changes (rear spoiler, indicators etc). Excellent performing cars for the money though - quick-ish 0-60 and 0-100 mph for a NA 2.0 Litre - not particularly torquey though, but quick from the lights. Stunning looking cars - you'll get people in droves in their brand new Astra's, Clio's and the like headturning at your older, but "Supercar" looking car. You get the feeling that 20-something women don't what it is :)
  15. Oh, I thought you meant a brief dip after a few minutes. On most cars I've had, the temp would then warm up again fairly quickly. Maybe the stat's missing - or perhaps it's sticking, or opening at the wrong temperature. It's dead easy to test it with a pan of water and a thermometer if you're in doubt. Sounds like a stat problem is a possibility, but I'd put it no more strongly than that. I don't suppose it being a bit cold is a huge problem - certainly better than over-heating, but sounds like further investigation is worthwhile. Has the car been modified to allow more air to pass the radiator than standard? GT4 bumper perhaps? Car hasn't had any mods (as far as i can tell, quite confident though). Ok, here's the scoop: I purchased my motor of some fella and not long after having it i had the coolant bled. Cam out a funny kinda light brown. Thought nothing of it and put new coolant in. A couple months after the heater matrix starts to go. The car is still drivable (with the heating off) but i now twig the potential problem with the temperature reading as i'm starting to think these are contected. Here is my theory: Thermostate malfunctions. Engine boils over. Fries the heater matrix (and/or connecting hoses) in the process. Owner removes the thermostate rather than replacing it AND poors some kind of sealant (brown stuff i was talking bout earlier) into the cooling system rather than fork out for new matrix + fitting. Mornone (me) sees a Celica GT for sale and buys it. Mornone tries to find out exactly what is potentially wrong with car on a Celica forum so he can fix it... lol There are no Gasket issues as i had that all checked out at my local garage, so i'm pretty happy bout that. Any ideas? Could you give me more details on testing the thermostat? I'm ok with cars but not amazing It's likely your Thermostat isn't functioning correctly - roughly speaking, I had exactly the same symptoms on my UK 6th Gen GT, and its often mentioned re. 6th gens on this forum - you can get the Thermostat for about £10 if you look around, and its a straightforward-ish job to replace - just a bit awkward to get to one of the bolts. Have a quick read through these 2 threads in this Celica section - you'll recognise very similar symptoms: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...p;hl=thermostat http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...p;hl=thermostat As said, Head Gaskets are fine on these 6th gen GT's - they can rev all day quite happily, even with 90,000 miles on the clock - besides the Thermostat, another common issue with the 6th gen's is the rear suspension bushes - you'll hear a slight clatter under gentle breaking - these can also be replaced cheaply.
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