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  1. Somehow I doubt it as TOC seems dead to me as far as social events are concerned.... apathy and laziness rules I am sad to say
  2. Warren.... this thread is over two and half years old
  3. I have only ever once taken my tank down to the level where there is less than 10 miles range left. I have not seen such a message and mine is a 2011 T4. I don't recall my 2009 T4 having it either
  4. I had a 2009 2000cc tourer with CVT and could easily get up to 50+mpg on a motorway run and maybe around 30mpg as a general average. Now I have a 2011 1800cc saloon with CVT and frankly I don't know what it is capable of on a motorway as I have not done such a journey yet but as for average I reckon it is slightly better than my older car.
  5. I suggest that there is no chance of that
  6. I think we have to be aware that Les' post was made way back in 2008 when TOC was quite active on the meeting front. Sadly few people want to attend meets and ever fewer want to organise them. I applaud Dangermooser and his willingness to organise and like him I expressed a willingness to organise something and I told Steve (Admin) via pm, sadly I did not get a reply. Now last year I did not attend JAE as TOC was not represented but as for this year I feel somewhat different. If someone wants to organise a stand, even under a different banner, then I will lend my support and hopefully attend. The members on here are a great bunch of people and if more put their names forward in support then they would realise that and enjoy a meeting of like minded people. Come on, get involved in TOC after all it is your club. Please don't let TOC drift into a web based club only where all we read are questions and moans and groans about things that go wrong. Our cars are made by Toyota and are very reliable so lets celebrate that and get together now and again for a few laughs.
  7. If anyone plays with the wiring I guarantee they will invalidate the warranty on that part of the car!
  8. Sorry mate but it seems no one is interested
  9. Well it seems that the social side of TOC has been totally screwed up. Its a shame as the events I have attended have been with really good company. I am starting to think that I am done with this place given that I visit this forum less and less
  10. I know it is a fair way off but will TOC have a presence there this year?
  11. Phoenix999


    I agree.... I used to have the 350Z and value gave it great appeal. If the GT86 starts at £25,000 then Toyota will have screwed themselves
  12. 2009 T4 Tourer.... completed recall with the accelerator issue but otherwise it ran perfectly with no problems at all 2011 T4 Saloon.... still very new but so far it is very good I have a friend who has owned C class and now E class Mercedes and he is impressed with the built quality, another friend who drives a Jaguar is also impressed I can only think that you are indeed unlucky
  13. If I had a garage big enough I would have this http://www.autotrade.../1501?logcode=p
  14. I'll be there .... cruising up Brentwood High Street B) ....
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