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  1. will have a look for you cally, sorry about it all mate :( Neil
  2. Sorry about car mate Want me look at midlands autotrader? Neil
  3. Mine had the 14" wheels when i got it, it was quite tail happy but with the 15" its fine and dandy!! Neil
  4. Open to sensible offers! Neil
  5. So anyone use "normal" unleaded then?? Neil
  6. MR2 Turbo Can a car running completly standard boost be run on "normal" unleaded all the time? what are the effects if any? anyone do it? Thanks Neil
  7. Get someone that lives near by to take a pic of the premises and send him the pic saying something like "i've been watching you, how about a refund?" It might work....... Neil
  8. I'm selling a T bar mate, think you have asked about pics on the post. Any good to ya? Neil
  9. Stgeorge, What pics mate? any inparticular mate? Neil
  10. Bl**dy hell! I do work in Glasgow sometimes, an ind estate by the river, Smurfit recycling its called, know it? Well mate, all i can say is its worth the drive!! Neil
  11. Derby mate, in the Midlands. You? Neil
  12. Nicola, GIVE ME HIS NUMBER! lol Fizz, PM sent Neil
  13. Cheers all, will have to play waitin game then! If anyone knows of someone looking for one let me know! PM sent rash Neil
  14. I have got to sell my MR2 to fund a double garage (but will be back asap!). I have put it on about 5 car forums of which 3 are just toyota ones and had NO emails about it :( . Its a T bar and the summers here so thought it would be easy to sell and i dont think its overpriced with the milage and condition. Any thoughts? Neil
  15. BTW its the 158 BHP version NOT the 121 BHP version, WOOHOO! :D
  16. Just fitted today new anti-roll bar bushes which was the only advisery on the MOT last week :D More pics........
  17. Toyota MR2, J plate, UK CAR, HPI clear, Red with black leather, 73k miles, full service history, T bar roof (just nice in the hot weather :D ), standard "active" sound system, t bar bags and blinds (normally go missing), newish toyota starter, electric windows/mirrors, CAT 1 alarm with cert, completly standard apart from clear front lens and K&N cone (both fitted by me, standard airbox surplied), about new front tyres backs with plenty of tread, 12 months MOT 6 months tax £3000, may P/X neil@central-training.com Neil
  18. My cars could do with them changing, ordered them from MR-T. Do you have to undo rear subframe? or can you get to bolts? Neil
  19. Thanks for reply mate Anyone know for SURE? Might have an idea........... Neil
  20. How big i the sub in the MR2? 8"? 10"? Anyone know? Neil
  21. Titto, where about in Derby you from? so i can keep an eye out! Neil
  22. Titto, i'm from Derby (near UCI) i know the garage you are on about, there NORMALLY good but i wont be goin back now! ;) Keep a look out for a J plate red T bar!! Neil
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