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  1. thanks andy, thought max would be about 30 mph, unlike fairy stories people tell you ie dealers all the best nick
  2. hi as a sick estima owner, the car not me, i'm looking at changing to a 2.4 surf td. can anyone give me an idea on average fuel consumption, not towing or off road and mainly in 2 wheel drive thanks nick
  3. hi all enjoying my new purchase of estima lucida 1993 diesel 2.2 auto of 4 weeks and would like some advice. I have added some active8 to the engine oil and it has made the engine quieter, it couldn't get much quieter to be honest, but it has increased the tickover speed, ie 1000 revs on start up. i can see 2 adjusters under the driver seat panel but also there is a cable which looks as if it goes to the gearbox. any advice on setting this all up, or down, as on normal running temp it is running around 1300/1400. thanks in anticipation nick
  4. thanks propnut but the problem i had was how to get at it. managed to get the whole assembly out and the lighter had a solder ling which had melted, all sorted now
  5. hi,i had same sort of probs aswell,i bought some speaker wire and rewired the 4 speakers.i put a new radio in i had no probs what so ever.air con might need boosting,have a chat with kwik fit,im sure they have a offer on at the minute,good luck thanks ***** will try them i thought it might be something simple, no ideas on how to get at the cigar lighter then? nick
  6. hi everyone, just bought a k reg estima lucida in very good condition, but the last owner did not have a clue about controls etc. I need some help from out there please. first the cigar lighter does not work there apears to be no power, have checked the fuse and is ok. need this for my navigator so how do i get this out. next thing there is a radio in which basically is as old as the hills. it is a blaukpoint windsor sqr 38 and only the nearside front or the offside rear speaker will work, there looks to be a speaker in the boot area, just 1 if it is a speaker. is this a standard radio or has it been fitted since new. will I be able to install a normal single cd radio in its place? Lastly i don't seem to be able to get the air con to work, the light comes on when the switch is pressed but that seems to be all. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks nick