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  1. Ask the dealer for the specs; the parts counter will usually help out. Then, run by your local parts supplier for a rebuilt compressor. I've known too many people who've picked up a compressor from the wreckers only to have it die within the year; however, YMMV!
  2. Not that this will help, but I ended up purchasing a Class 2 (I think) hitch and a 4-bike rack after looking at the various wheel well models (very few) and other SUV racks that do not accomodate the spare tire. I'll be going with the swing-away type rack that allows (easier) access to the trunk. If you shop around, you can find a hitch for a reasonable price. As for the door taking the weight, unless you've got steel frames, it should do ok--although Toyota sells the hitch-type rack. p.s., the rack arrives Wednesday; I can post my experience with its installation then.
  3. My gf's '02 Rav4 is at the 32K Km maintenance interval which requires a coolant flush and fill. First, it's only 1 year old so is a flush required? If it is, I've seen the Haynes method (remove the alternator, thermostat, replace the thermostat housing and flush); a Toyota tech. told me to pull one of the heater hoses and flush at the rad cap; and, in rec.autos.makers.toyota, I was told to drain the block and rad and top up with 50:50 red stuff:dH2O and not to worry about the flush. Are there any other DIYer flush routines? TIA! Darryl.
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