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  1. Thanks for the replies. :D I have posted a picture of the light as requested. Someone at work seems to think I need to check my gearbox oil level as its an automatic and the overdrive light could be a warning light for low oil level and this also could electronically be in connection with my speedometer not working.?? I'm not to sure on this theory but its probably an easy check so worth a try. Just for reference the overdrive function works fine when enabled. Once again thanks for the replies. Nick.
  2. Hi all. I'm after some knowledge! I come out from a night shift this morning and as I useally do hop into my car and take a steady 10mile drive home, but this morning after approx half a mile driving my overdrive light started to flash every second(ish) and also I have no Speedo which I'm assuming are both linked because all was fine on the way to work. I pulled over and turned the engine off and re-started it and again after about 30 seconds it starts flashing again. I've done a search here and have read speedo problems seem to be linked to a sensor in the gearbox, but find none which mentions a flashing overdrive light. I have a 92k G-Limited 2.0i T-Bar import Auto which has done 77,000 miles. Typical when the advertised car is for sale too! Anyway any help appreciated. Thanks. Nick.
  3. n1ck

    Radio Antenna?

    Quality!! One word that sums up this website My arial has just packed up.... been looking at replacements on ebay for £20(ish). thought I'd have a look here to see if anyone else has replaced the mast/unit and judge the diffilcuty and found out that mine also has the windscreen arial. Anyway Im off to Maplin's. Cheers All Nick
  4. 1. Galliano - Yellow Toyota Paseo 2. Wivypaseo - Red Toyota Paseo 3. N1CK - White Toyota MR2
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