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  1. You are right about the motor. It hasn't got one. I have tried moving the position of the projector manually but it doesn't get any better, well maybe a little bit better if I push the bottom of projector forward and top backward. But surely this would cause the beam to shoot upwards.
  2. Bought them from Ebay, I assume third party, made in Taiwan by company called TYC Brother Inductrial. I have not installed yet, as I am wondering if I should return or maybe the position of the projector would not affect the light beam. I am not sure if I can draw the conclusion that Toyota has designed crap headlights that have been copied by the chinese and taiwanese companies. Anyway, it would be much appreciated if anybody can give some feedback on the above. Regards, Regards,
  3. Hi, I have just bought a pair of headlights for Avensis 2004 D4D. On receipt I noted that both had something odd that I would like to share with you. I found out that the main projector was positioned much lower than required in relation to the cut out of the main Crome reflector of the headlight. I am thinking of returning them but not sure if they are meant to be like that and would this potentially affect the quality of light projected. I took a picture for you to see, so please let me know what you think. Are all Avensis lights like that, more or less ? Regards, Avensis Headlight Fault.PDF
  4. I agree with you and in my book it is normal to feel that way " these things are relatively minor they make me lose confidence in whether that the stuff I can't check has been done!". Yet according to some this is "A pretty shallow way of looking at things". Maybe it is, but everybody is different which is why "every train has its passengers". Unlike others you probably have attention to detail and like to check and appreciate the work you paid for. Some people would actually be happy to find out that being charged for more things usually means more things are done and sometimes rightly so. I
  5. No dis-respect to you Parts-King...and fair do's when you state... "Unfortunately this is one of the problems of forums. RRG are not on here to defend themselves. As a group they probably have tens of thousands of happy customers but you never hear from them"... But when you read what sort of errors that they are making...whether intentional or not...that could lead to some very serious consequences...and so deserve to be exposed and warn others...so that others may be more cautious enough to want to double check that the work has been carried out! I am sure every main dealer has a happy cust
  6. I totally agree with you. It is probably not just Toyota but pretty much a problem with most bigger establishments. We seem to live in a culture where it is "cool" if you tell your workmates that you got drunk last night and do not remember a thing or show an attitude like "I can't be bothered", or "do not care" or tell your mates how at work you bodged up some customer's car. I met a mechanic who was bragging how he was told by his boss to tighten the 12 bolts on the block of the engine and in the process snapped 2 or the 12 bolts. His boss has ordered him to keep quiet and glue up the heads
  7. I believe the DPF is quoted with expected life of around 90k give or take depending of driving habits. To buy those it is quite expensive. I am not advocating the following but some people gut their Cat or DPF at least temporary until their budget gets better. I personally believe, but can not prove it with facts, that both the DPF or CAT can be cleaned with acid if taken down and soaked overnight. I have been meaning to try doing this myself for some time, but taking down the above renders the car un-drivable until you fit them back on or temporary fit a straight pipe. I personally would not
  8. What mileage is you car? If you DPF (Diesel Particulate Firter) or Cat are pretty much clogged up I believe you can get all the above fault codes at some point or other. I was told and when you think about it it is pretty much logical that the above creates a sort of back pressure and unless you check and make sure those are OK, you can end up with unnecessary repairs of Turbo, MAF, etc.
  9. Hi I just read your post. Not surprised at all. This is pretty much a standard throughout all Toyota after sales servicing. A couple of years ago someone went into the back of my Avensis. Just bumper broken. Send the car to Jemca Toyota in Croydon. A week later I got the car back but just as I about to drive off, I noticed the tip of the back bumper next to the wing was sticking out a bit, spoiling the clean line of the profile. I asked about it but was told, new bumpers do not allays fit. I pushed with finger trying to get the edge back in line with the wing and was surprised that it stayed w
  10. Hi there, I recently bought a brand new AC compressor as my old one on my 04 D4D Avensis had gone rattly. I would be installing it myself and would like to get a few pointers from people who have actually done it them-self. 1. Do I need to add "ND-oil 8" to the new compressor " 5SE12C" type, before installation or it is supposed to be included inside? 2. Ones I fit it, there would be obviously no refrigerant "HFC134a (R134a)" in the system left, so would I be able to drive around (providing i do not turn the AC on) until I get the AC filled up again? 3. What would be the easier way to pull out
  11. If I was you, and really trying to help everyone here rather than making money of, I would point out the most suitable place for UK residents to get those reflectors. Anyway, this is my last post on this thread and by now it must be clear to everybody why you are here at all.
  12. Fair enough and good luck with your business. Just for the record, I am not selling anything. I used the last image from your tutorial to Google search by image and came up with a few sites, selling exactly the same reflectors. I hope you are not going to take that image down, now. Regards.
  13. Sorry Madmax12, did not mean to offend you. I find your tutorial for opening the headlamps quite useful. After seeing the explanation and pictures, I believe most of us with dodgy headlamps can have a go cracking the headlamp if we find reflectors at reasonable price. I found a site that does them for 60zloti which is around £12. PM me if you do not mind, your best price.
  14. Lucky you ... coming across Madmax12 to sell you the reflectors at £50 each. I would have considered buying a couple myself but Madmax12 would need to lower the price to around £3 to £5 each, to make it justifiable for me mucking about with with the headlamps as opposed to buying a brand new complete headlamp for £40.
  15. I believe the original headlamps on Avensis 2003-2006 are not designed to fit xenon lamps although they can. Most people here are mostly bothered by the notoriously bad design of Avensis headlamps and go even to extremes to fit extra powerful lamps even HID convertion kits only to find out that other car models with halogen lamps are still brighter. I personally would be happy to get a normal halogen beam out of my headlamps. Some time ago I even fitted powerful, just on the legal limit lamps and still can not see any light on the road. It is so bad that I avoid driving night time. It is impos
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