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  1. maniac

    Aygo alternator

    Uhm, nevermind, I just searched ebay for a mk2 alternator, they look nothing alike 😭 Not interchangeable.
  2. maniac

    Aygo alternator

    Hi Marshals, glad to hear you got your alternator working 🙂 Do you, or anyone else here, know if the alternator is the same on a Mk2 B4 Aygo from 2014? I think it is, since the engine itself is the same 1KR-FE, only with an optimized top-end, or something. My girlfriends alternator is dying I think, and not much info is found on the mk2 B4 alternator. Lots on the mk1 from 2005 though 🙂 Have been looking at the Denso DAN1036, which I believe is suitable. I THINK an 80A alternator from a Mk1 should fit, but I'm not sure at all. Her car has A/C btw.
  3. Hi guys My girlfriends 2014 Aygo mk2 is having this weird problem, where the battery light comes on after exactly 17mins of driving, everytime. The car has done 85.000km / 52.815miles. Is the alternator dying, or is the battery going bad? I did measure the voltage while running, dont remember the voltage though 😂 I believe it was nearly 14v, not around 12v. Anybody seen this problem before? I read somewhere that Toyota's are notorious for corrosion in the alternator, which just needs cleaning, could that be as "easy" as that?