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  1. No, I just made up all these measurements...... Anyways, talked to a mate who told me that it's probably dying. Could be one of the brushes not touching correctly or something. Brushes and regulator can't really be serviced, so I might just find a good used alternator to throw on the car.
  2. My thought exactly. Actually I did that, it even comes on after exaclty 17min idling, still measures 13.65v. So wether its highway or idle, same thing. Probably the onboard diagnoistics measuring a voltage drop or something. Girlfriend did tell me that when I had fitted the newer (slightly cheaper) battery, the light was on all the time when driving. I strongly suspect that it is on its way out, but I do think that it is a strange behavior. Had my mate measure his Peugeot 108, and sure enough it was producing a bit more than 14v as it should.
  3. And yes, I do have a Delphi tester, just didn't plug it in yet. I will scan for codes when I get the time for it 🙂
  4. I did all the "how to check if alternator or battery is dying"-trix from youtube, meaning AC/lights/rear defogger/radio on an off etc. Car only, LED DRL's and no radio/AC/defogger = 13.65v directly on the alternator. Contacts cleaned, even tried another (newer) battery. Didn't touch the earth though, but dont think they're bad. I will check them, but dont think they are bad 😞 I know but it's a way of telling wether it's the alternator or battery 😉 Doesn't do much damage.
  5. Alternator is charging at 13.65v, mesaured directly on the output of the alternator. It is on the low side - should vi around 14.2v. It does charge the battery, and it is able to keep the car running if I unplug the negative terminal on the battery, but what does this alle mean? Is the alternater slowly dying? I mean, sure it works, but the battery indicator on the dash is annoying, and when will it totally die. Is my only solution replacing the alternator? Apparently they just dont last long, 52.000miles / 84.000km isn't alle that great 😞
  6. maniac

    Aygo alternator

    Uhm, nevermind, I just searched ebay for a mk2 alternator, they look nothing alike 😭 Not interchangeable.
  7. maniac

    Aygo alternator

    Hi Marshals, glad to hear you got your alternator working 🙂 Do you, or anyone else here, know if the alternator is the same on a Mk2 B4 Aygo from 2014? I think it is, since the engine itself is the same 1KR-FE, only with an optimized top-end, or something. My girlfriends alternator is dying I think, and not much info is found on the mk2 B4 alternator. Lots on the mk1 from 2005 though 🙂 Have been looking at the Denso DAN1036, which I believe is suitable. I THINK an 80A alternator from a Mk1 should fit, but I'm not sure at all. Her car has A/C btw.
  8. Hi guys My girlfriends 2014 Aygo mk2 is having this weird problem, where the battery light comes on after exactly 17mins of driving, everytime. The car has done 85.000km / 52.815miles. Is the alternator dying, or is the battery going bad? I did measure the voltage while running, dont remember the voltage though 😂 I believe it was nearly 14v, not around 12v. Anybody seen this problem before? I read somewhere that Toyota's are notorious for corrosion in the alternator, which just needs cleaning, could that be as "easy" as that?