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  1. Hi :) [sorry for my eng] i don't like yoko tyres. A lot of noise and scarce wet performance. The best option in your measure is, with NO doubts, Bridgestone RE720 - 195/50 R15 82V About 70€ once, here in italy. Give a try !!! If you want the best tyre ever, you can try "Pirelli Pzero Asimmetrico", and/or "Bridgestone S03 Pole Position". These are the best in class. But you've to spend about 80-90€ for every tyre (here in italy). Greetings.
  2. Hello I've a 1998 Corolla E11 3 doors, and i have to replace a bulb for the rev meter .. from 0 to 4000 there's no light :( . I'm wondering :hokus-pokus: if anyone knows how to open the dashboard to replace the bulbs without to make damage , and what kind of bulbs i need. Maybe i could replace all the bulbs with something brighter (like piaa or polarg). Is it easy ? Thanks in advance, Greetings Gianluca from Italy.
  3. What type of oil have you used ? I'm using RedLine MT90 + 100ml of ZX1 (bought in england by demon tweeks web site), with satisfaction on my corolla :) Give a try.
  4. Thanx a lot Dave, for your info & photos. When i have a bit of time, i'll try to make this work. If i have any question i PM you B) Thank you again Greetings
  5. So, it's enough to replace all the exhaust system to obtain almost 100hp ? Nice! :) Unfortunately the emission level it's compulsory in italy (in the big cities with traffic jam and pollution problems), and we need to control the smoke gas once a year, so i think i'm not going to touch the catalyst. Note that my JR filter it's a panel filter, and not a cone filter, so i didn't modified the airbox, it's only a replacement for the paper filter. Thanx for the info, greetings. P.S. : i have problems with english too :P, hope the englishmans will understand ;).
  6. o__O !!! 100 ? How has it been modified ?
  7. Hi, i'm seeking for an online shop, (that can send to italy), where i can buy a different panel for my corolla doors, or the way to make a modification, to hold 16cm speaker, instead of 13cm. Anyone has a link and hints ? :) In italy the Corolla E11 sold too little number of cars, so i can't find anything directly. Thanks in advance ;))
  8. Wonderful :) Thank you a Lot for the fast and useful reply :) ! i've never found it before ;) that's a great forum ...it seems to me a good torque curve according to the small dimension of the engine :) On the italian depliant they don't put the technical things :-(( I've seen also the 1.3 nameplate, it's nice :) in italy the corolla don't have the nameplate.. congratulations for your AE111SR :)))
  9. Hi, It seems like you've problems with the valves guide (i don't know if it's the exact term in english, sorry for my eng), maybe caused by a neglected valve clearance control ... The engine burns oil or the oil level after, say, 5.000 miles, remain the same ? I've read you used nos...maybe there's a connection. You could make a try, to discover if there's a major problem in the engine : Try to drive in a empty road, with hot engine, reach about 4000 rpm in a high gear (4th-5th), raise the foot, let the revs get down to 2500 about, then give full throttle, if the car smokes, you have a major problem with the engine valves. otherwise you have to check water, if the level remains the same or your car drinks a lot ;) in this case you have a major problem with the engine head, usually caused by dealing badly the engine when it's cold. bye :) [sorry again for my english ;) maybe you're laughing :)]
  10. Hi ! :) I'm Gianluca from italy (sorry for my english). I have a 1998 Toyota Corolla, 3 doors, 1332 cc 4E-FE engine, dohc, 86hp with only some small tuning (ate power disc for braking, H code tyres instead of T, JR air filter, and some interior tuning, i'm going to install alloy wheel and koni sport shock absorber). I'm very happy with this car. I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find the power/torque graph (curve, i don't know how to say in english) for my engine :-) The 4E-FE indeed. Thank you in advance
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