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  1. Please inbox if you are interested in selling
  2. Anyone selling an E11 SR Grille?
  3. Hi, is anyone selling an Sr grille on here?
  4. My remote boot release does not work, I was wondering if this is something that can be sorted out by myself, or will it require a mechanics attention? Also, the drivers seat belt clip is quite hesitant, the belt needs to be pushed in a few times to clip in properly. Any advice?
  5. Hi, Ive recently bought a Toyota Carina and I only got 1 Transponder Key with it. Does anyone know where I can buy one from apart from the main dealers?
  6. Just been qouted £94.00 for just a new sunroof seal from Toyota!!! Thats daylight robbery, there pricing is ridiculous!!! Has anyone ever replaced one? Thinking of maybe getting a second hand one from scrappy and fitting it myself.
  7. The water leak has stopped, and its still raining every day. This leads me to believe that its the sunroof seal. My driveway is not perfectly level and the back of the car leans to the drivers side. For the past week, I've been parking the car on the road which is flat and theres been no water in the rear headlining (the side where the car leans on the drive). I've also learnt that there are two drain holes for water leaks at the front (visible once the sunroof is open) but not at the rear. hence when the sunroof leaks whilst car is parked on flat ground, the water escapes via the two drain h
  8. The wheels do go onto the hub, its just a case of getting the right nuts that will fit further through the centre bore of the stud holes, like I said, the washer kind of gets in the way otherwise it would go further. I need some nuts that are longer on the washer side. I cant upload pictures as it keeps wanting a web address, can I not insert pictures from my hard drive?
  9. I've recently bought some alloy wheels for my corolla which were off a vw golf, to replace my standard toyota alloys. They fit onto the hub (obviously as they're both 4x100pcd) however the wheel nuts aren't going in as far enough as they did on my original wheels. I understand that both golfs and corolla's are offset from 35 - 38. The standard nuts might have gone in more if the "floating washer" wasn't there. If I tighten the standard wheels, I can count about 3 threads remaining on the nut, but on the new wheels there is at least 5. I wouldnt feel confident driving with the new alloy wheels
  10. Hi, mate, whats the mileage? Due to past experience, japanese cars however reliable they may be, have a soft spot, the clutch I have known and had cars that the clutches had gone. Even my corolla had a replacement clutch before I bought it! see if the car drives from standing on 3rd gear, that may be an indication that the clutch is on its way out.
  11. I dont think its the sunroof, as I would have had it leaking at other points in the headlining, I'm suspecting it could be one of the rubber seals on the rear offside door. Its all gathering at the bottom of the footwell. Its not a major major leak, but there is water there, and know I know why theres an odd odour in the car. Gutted really, as I only bought it a month ago, I've had the timing belt done plus a service. I've even bought some wheels for it. If it was the sunroof, then how would I go about sorting it out?
  12. Hi guy's I'm a new member here, at last I've found a place to discuss about my toyota corolla! Very under rated 1.3 cars these are, a lot quicker than your average 1.3/1.4 fiesta, polo, golf, escort etc. And a reliability thats second to none! Unfortunately, I have learned only recently that there is a water leak in the car, I've had the plastic panels out from the back (drivers side near rear speaker) and exposed the head lining, this was damp. All the water is gathering in the rear footwell behind the drivers seat, I hoovered it up on saturday but it was still damp and today the torrentia
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