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  1. I always use the Bosch Aerotwin and having had really good results with no lifting even at speed
  2. Toothpaste works just as well and is somewhat cheaper 🙂
  3. Supra .bmp The 2019 Toyota Supra will have 335bhp, 332lb ft and a 0-62mph time of 3.8sec, according to leaked statistics from Japanese magazine Best Car. The leak shows the full styling of Toyota’s forthcoming sports car model, which is returning after an absence of 16 years. The styling of the motorsport-themed concept heading for the Geneva motor show next month is also shown. The images of the Best Car pages first appeared on fan site SupraMkV.com. If the leak is to be believed, the new Supra will be 4380mm long, 1855mm wide, 1290mm tall and will have a wheelbase of 2470mm. This is 140mm shorter, 45mm wider, 15mm taller and 80mm shorter than the previous Supra of 1993.
  4. I use the Williams waterless spray and my paintwork looks like new, also it helps to prevent dirt sticking to the car so if I am being lazy a few buckets of warm water removes most of the grime.
  5. I used these: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Osram-LEDDRL102-Driving-Daytime-Running/dp/B00N8WG48O/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1507808919&sr=8-2&keywords=osram+daytime+running+lights Not the cheapest but they are well made and safe
  6. Rubbed it out with some T Cut, that's what I do when I get scratches
  7. It probably a dirty switch, mine did that so I gave them a liberal spraying of WD40 and all was good.
  8. The lorry used in the Berlin massacre was found with the driver dead at the wheel, after it had demolished a cake stand. It was probably Stollen.
  9. "A very sad day today. After several years of medical training and hard work, a very good friend of mine has been struck off after just one minor indiscretion - he slept with one of his patients and can now no longer work in the profession. What a waste of all that training and money. A genuinely nice guy and an excellent vet"...
  10. I've finished all the chocolate in my advent calendar so why the heck isn't it Christmas?
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