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  1. 40 odd plus vat from mr t when i got 1 a few months ago
  2. just ge them recovered. got a quote for mine and it was 360 for the 2 front seats but im sure you could get cheaper
  3. Needs to be fully synthetic!! 10w 50 is ok. i wouldnt use the 15w to much. get an oil change a bit sooner this time. pro s or pro r stuff is prob the best to use.
  4. could do. it will effect the back pressure in the exhaust and could cause boost creep. a 3 inch system has this problem as it is too big and the lack of pressure is the cause of the boost creep
  5. you wont get a power gain from a bov. i have the blitz 1 and wouldnt change it for the world. its loud as hell and if ur not into that then u can just reduce the pressure on the spring witht the wee nut on top and it will give a softer "whoosh" i have mine loud and it dumps a load of air. i have grannies jumping for their lives driving past them! lol exhaust? depends on how louds yet again and for power gain you will want a de cat pipe but will need to change it for the mot. alot of people swear by the nur spec blitz exhaust. fensport have a few exhusts to choose from. i cant comment as i have a custom power flow exhaust on mine. love it. i get slight "pops" on re-applyin the power after high revs. induction kits. i have the k&n hi flow panel filter. if you are going for an induction kit you will need the air box removed and i would suggest a cold air feed or you will just be suckin in warm air. power gains i would expect about 6bhp for an induction kit but it can get a lot more if there is a direct cold air feed to it. there is a report on the net sum where of the k&n, blitz and hks. its bhp gain vrs air cleaning ability. hks didnt come of to well if i remember. the dirt it let through was wild. dont know to much about boost controllers or remappeble ecu so i will leave that to some1 that has tried and tested a few. hope this is a help
  6. MAYBE FENSPORT? or tcb parts
  7. u mite get more replies in the corolla section
  8. blitz would get my vote. lovely note out of them.
  9. get a smlilar thing in the 205, think its my figure of 8, possibly dampers. i think that would be your best best. does it do it regularly? i dont think the 185 have figure 8's
  10. as said before the 185 doesnt have the stupid strut guff. which is a good thing!!! the super strut is the worst thing about the st205!
  11. wouldnt replace the cat unless it has gone and when i mean "gone" i mean either rusted away, failed the mot on it or it its rattling about like a bee hive in ur exhaust!! as said before the guts can fall out if it taken off. a lot of people just gut them for better flow and just hope that it passes the emissions test. I know of a few people that have passed with no "honeycomb" in the cat.
  12. I was always told that fuel cut was there for a reason.
  13. may need to replace the tensioner and the tensioner pully. tcb parts sell them at a good price.
  14. gtoc always sell them. 100 quid for the lot if i remember correctly. that includes the door lights too
  15. i would also say engine breaking but couldnt tell without driving it. no noises out of the gear box?
  16. Daft question but have you tried fuses and relays some times on my old cars stuff like this was linked through more than one fuse!!!!! And is owt else not workin to give you a startin point!!!???? Hi, thanks. I will have a look. I have just got it back from repairs after the Charge Cooler pump went and cost me £600 quid! I also had a flush through of the system as it was feeling a bit sluggish. Obviously, I would hope that the rear wash wipe is just a small thing, as I do not want to spend more on repairs. did u get a new charge cooler?
  17. i would say the alternator isnt working then. is the bat dead or anything?
  18. yea a lot of people remove it with no problems, ive just kept mine on.
  19. yes does look great but could you b bothered with the bumper removal come mot time ever year? i know i couldnt! u need a mate in that does the mot's and will let you away with it!! cant do that over in northern ireland as we have mot centres and not just a garage. you can end up with any guy that works there so its def a no go over here!
  20. ???? i never had the sub frame dropped out for mine!! and oval? dont think so? the mongoose system is supposed to fit very well! you have the flexi section etc?
  21. are u talking about the bar in the bumper or are you talkin about main beam lights? i have wanted a straight air intake for a while and toyed about with the idea of havin it placed in the front quarter panel with a hole bored in the panel for the filter to just pop out of neatly. might not sound good but ive seen it on 2 cars before and it looked awesome! seen the side light removed for an induction kit too! needs changin over for mot tho
  22. as gtforbes said. if it over fueling massively then i would look into it in more depth
  23. white smoke is a sign of moisture mate. condensation or coolant YEA THATS WHAT I SAID. and can be a sign of over fueling. that not right? but it shouldnt be there all the time, its normal to get it when u 1st start the car for about 10 mins or so. after that i would be lookin for a problem
  24. as i mentioned before i think it is an over fueling problem. but i also stated that this sensor wouldnt cause that much bother. i have drove my gt four with this sesor out of the box before and i think when you have an induction kit i place the sensor as close to the filter as poss. If it is intake temp sensor then if its sittin loose then chances are that the temp it is taken are very close to what the induction kit is suckin in anyway. I think you need to look else where. maybe you have hit another sensor somewhere when working on it before. you shouldnt be able to smell petrol and white smoke usually points to condensation and over fueling it should only last about 10 mins from start up. to be honest i would expect error code 25 if u had damaged something to cause over fueling and if the intake air temp sensor was damaged then i would expect code 24 are you sure there isnt a pipe or something loose from the work carried out? as i said before i would expect error codes if a sensor had failed.
  25. i would ave bought the gasket. ring the garage and ask do they have them and how much
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