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  1. You don't necessarily have to go by weight, you can have a noisy around some websites, such as alloywheels.co.uk for example. Put your make model and year in and it automatically comes up with alloys that will match the car. The spare wheel should only be on the car for a minimum amount of time if you have alloy wheels as it can damage the wheel bearings if there is different weights on each side of the car. If you're looking for lightweight alloys that 'look sporty' try ROTA alloys they come in a bit pricey but they are excellent. I had black wolfrace alloys on mine, looked great with a low p
  2. Will do folks :) Still be on the boards though because I've came across a fair bit of knowledge about the car itself along my mishaps so can help some people out if they need a bit of advice :) xx
  3. Sad to say but I've had to sell the aygo. We had fun for six years but the last year has been mayhem :( Too many things falling apart and been very costly to fix. KEEP AN EYE ON THE WHEEL BEARINGS FOLKS!!! *TOP TIP* Traded her in for a renault clio sport :) Loved the people I've met here but time to enjoy my new rev counter, massive boot, ELECTRIC windows and AIR CON =O Fairwell Aygoers. Maybe meet again someday :) xx
  4. Well I've made the hard decsion to sell my aygo at the end of the month :( I love my wee car but it's just costing far too much money to fix in the past few months; I've spent £600 in the past two months just to get it to work. I joined the aygo brigade in Sept 2006, on the warranty the seals were all replaced, the radiator, the water bottle, the clutch, the exhaust, the gear box, the lights, the seat belt clippers (as they snapped off), the locks twice. and for the past six years its been amazing , but that past six months has been hell. I'm on the fourth backbox (no fault of mine), the bra
  5. Hi Nathan; Clutch is a common problem as is the waterpump hate to tell you. I've had half the engine replaced on warranty.
  6. weevicky

    Door Locks

    I;ve had the locks changed on my car twice and now the passenger door has seized again. Toyota replaced them on warranty but are now wanting xxxx off me to replace them. Oiling them doesn't help.
  7. I crashed mine the same style; his car was abs fine but I've shunted the main structure of the front which i need to take the full front end off to sort so waiting until summer. The aygo doesn't have anything really protecting it from such damage as its mainly plastic.
  8. My aygo had it's 5th MOT in august and no faults whatsoever, surprising considering it had 65000 miles on it. On it's first MOT I needed new brakes and discs
  9. Get your battery checked out; happened to me last year the battery just flat. Not a clue why never did figure it out.
  10. yep; just grab a knife and edge it off its only clipped on. Mine is painted black :)
  11. I've not had any problems since that incident a year ago and its at 70000 miles lol
  12. There is a similar thread like this : http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=128980
  13. weevicky

    Aygo Sub

    I currently have a 2 x 600w subs in the boot and trust me there is no room for anything else in there apart from the amp which was a shark 1500v which blew up so needed to replace is with a 500v.
  14. Congrads on your new purchase. For the tom tom and the reversing aid I have no comment as I can't afford any of these. The water on the sills; its normal in a majority of cases. If you're worried about possible leaks, take your car to a power wash and see if rain comes in... I found that it came in at the top of the windows as the seals weren't that great also watch out for your foot-wells in winter and the space in which the spare wheel is. If there is no evidence of water then you have a rare aygo :) As for the headlights there is no "right" way, put it where you feel more comfortable as I
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