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  1. I have these in my car,but i need to sell my car so i take out if these and sell separately. **Non subscribing members are not allowed to advertise for sale on TOC**
  2. I have the same thing and we connected from the battery. so do you turn it on/off with a switch or does the clutch work on its own? I cannot switch i just used a clutch for that.That's why you have check engine cause you don't have an e-manage ultimate and sometimes you when you turn on the charger you have more fuel and air,but there is no program on your ecu just a standard TS compressor program.And when you turn off the charger your ecu gives the same data for the engine.Come to messenger.My adress is the same like my e-mail what you already know!
  3. I have the same thing and we connected from the battery.
  4. If you buy an e-manage ultimate and you can make 2 different map.1 for street using and 1 for racing:-)
  5. Normally what's your car weight?And with turbo?
  6. PPE header with HKS hí flow muffler:-)
  7. Last year we were at monza and did some track hour in the famous F1 circuit MONZA. In this year we plan to do the same trip from Budapest.That's the same distance from Hungary and London too.So maybe if you want to come with us we can enjoy that speed day together Guys.What do you think?:-)) If you need more informations just visit www.speedday.it
  8. Please Guys take me pictures about the event and program,cars,girls. Thanks:-))
  9. I think this gets more warm air from the engine.
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