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  1. hello all. I want to run light boost (9psi?) on my 3vz-fe, i have my turbo, i mave made my manifolds and im in the process of putting some thicker head gaskets in to lower the compression, what i want to know is, will it work? or will i kill the engine? engine is in very good cond and only done around 70,000Km. just need to sort out some more fuel tho...oh im running a supra fuel pump..will the injectors fit?
  2. Okay, i wana know a few things, Can i boost a 3A-LU with a S/C? if so what Carb do i need? I bet theres no 1500cc boosted pistons i can put in? next, what FWD box will work with the 3a-lu? what engine did the FWD 1500cc corolla have? would thta box fit my 3a-lu? can i put twin carbs on the 3A-LU? and if so how? and with what carbs? Cheers All, Adam
  3. Im sure someone on here knows??? i found where all the leads go in, its on the passengers side, would it be located just behind there? how do i remove the dash to get to it? Are there any good mods for this engine??!!!!
  4. Well I got myself a 1VZ-FE and i also need the ECU, i didnt grab it mainly because i didnt know where it was located. so all i want to know is, where is it hidden and how do i get to it? Many Thanks Lvn_MR2
  5. Well it is possible to do it, i was going to put the 7M-GTE into my aw11 which fits a camry v6 nicely. the v6 does not have the problems that the 7M-GTE has and you could get your v6 going quicker than a 7M-GTE with less money. Did you ever think of the TRD SuperCharger kit for the V6? I prefer the SC over a Turbo anyday as it applies boost from rolling speeds. do the ABV mod and play with the pullys and you can have a mean v6....all for the cost of the standard 7M-GTE Installed into the camry. Sorry i used the 7M-GTE...but any other supra engine will cost the same, 1G-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, 7M-GTE.
  6. the car should now be fine. Whenever you change the battery the computer automatically resets itself. hence the bad idle, and you would have found the clock had reset, blower was on, and the stereo reset??? if you had this happen, the computer has also been reset. Hope that solves your question. Lvn_MR2
  7. Im after a new engine for my camry. it had the SFE enfine in it but im after more power. one of the V6's. What one should i go for? 1MZ-FE or 3VZ-FE? can i have some pics? its more of a show car they hrunt, but more grunt it needed. Hope Someon Can Help. Lvn_MR2
  8. Why not convert the 1G-GTE to a 1G-GZE? will give you smoother boost and with the ABV mod will gove you boost from basically idle. can only get about a max. of 15psi with a pulley kit but you can make them quite quick....Just a thought. Had a 1G-GZE in 86 soarer and it was !Removed! quick. but as i said...just a thought dude! good luck anyway. p.s. The 1G-GTE and 1G-GZE are pretty reliable :D
  9. well first off...do you have an aw11 or sw20? if its an aw11 i can help you, theres two fuse boxes.....one in the kick panel on drivers side (in right hand drive cars) unsure for LHD. and the other is in the front boot. hope that helps or ask the guys at www.board.mr2faq.com biggest mr2 community around :D
  10. I'm no big fan of sube parts, but heres what i can tell you about 4agze turbos :D T25 will give you really quick responce and can boost you to about 15psi T3 is a good mid-range turbo, for more boost but slower spooling time, T4 from what i have heard will give you BOOST! some people have used the turbos from the 3s-gte, some from the nissan 300zx. im guessing that with the lotus you will have more room for your turbo? someone out here put the turbo from a single turbo 7m-gte onto their 4agze...said it was a monster turbo for the 1600. hope this heps B)
  11. Im after the dimensions of the 7M-GTE and the 1JZ-GTE and any engine pics would help alot. i had a 86 supra but was forced to sell over an insurance stuff up. Got an aw11 and it lacks the power of the supra but it makes up for it with its handling. looking at trying to see if i can put one of those engines into the aw11 after bill strong started his toystar...his mean v8 powered aw11 mr2....been jealous ever since lol thanks in advance. Adam p.s. i know it wont fit in a standard aw11...just gogin to see how much i can cut once i get the dimensions!
  12. lvn_mr2


    OK guys i have news!!! toyota vehicle insurance is actually G.A.B Robins! neway my aw11 got hit in levin on thurs and completely :censor: passengers side of car. assessor came today (monday) and took a look at car. i have a 3" exhaust with no cat and a massive 5" tip....over $1500 worth of sounds and modded brakes. also lowered car and they didnt care...they just said fix car and its pretty bad! :D so im sticking with Toyota insurance and its only $350 a year and im only 17!!! :hokus-pokus:
  13. lvn_mr2


    NZMR2 tis i Lvn_MR2 from levin. i also with toyota insurance, my car was a standard 1989 mk1 auto. i did a huge stereo install in car and insurance didnt care, when the tail pipe and cat rusted out on my car i put a piece of pipe inplace of the cat and the cheapest tail pipe on i could find "muhaha a 5 inch tip with 3 inch pipe" with a huge coby along the back...told toyota and they didnt care. when i took my old 84 in for a wof at toyota the other month they never picked up on the real DIY job of a turbo.....but i put a huge cover underneath it. so all in all toyota seem to skip alot of things out here :arrgg-matey:
  14. lol nah i hade the same prob in both of my 1984's and also in my 1989. its a imple fix really....just go get another switch from a wrecker and install it..its only the connections in the switch....just watch when undoing the plastic that when you do it back up you dont do it to tight...the plastic cracks really easy!
  15. righteo people i hav a problem....could someone please throw some pics of celica intercoolers on here...i think the one im looking for is a water/air intercooler...its for my 3sgte project car...but i know the exact i/c im looking for just need a pic and sumone to identify it for me...hope you guys can help! your the best!
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