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  1. Happy Birthday nik tsport blowa!!

  2. is he always a cleva c*£t who thinks he knows evrithing, wot a n0b
  3. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=JHFwOR9ThlE&NR=1
  4. pay 2600 insurance n it eats fuel. :o just need to do a few bits to it na
  5. :) wel i ant been on for a bit, thought ad put sum piks of my new car up, hope you like it
  6. i cant get any piks up, but if you look on the t sport forum u will find them mate
  7. cars gota go not enough room! list of mods, koni shockers,apex lowering springs,drilled and grooved discs,blitz induction kit,full stainless exhaust with sports cat, racing manifold,perin crank pulley, fast road piper cams, ported and polished head professionaly done, new tyres all way around,good looking car,6 months tax 9 months mot, 8 week old chav forces sale. if any ones intrested just email me are ring me on 07857334740, am not too happy cos av spent loads on it,
  8. i got one from lark speed, omp a think, went streight on, there on e bay
  9. so does any1 no anywhere i can get one cheaper than the trd one
  10. where can a get 1 from for less than 300 quid
  11. too expensive, only costin 50 quid to get dun, trd is 300 quid
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