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  1. I'm the proud owner of a brand new Yaris, and I'm full of questions. The most pressing is what I'm going to ask today. I have read the numerous threads in this forum about how to add a completely new unit, but I had something else in mind. Is it possible to attach, for example rca cables, to the CD-player in the Yaris? The idea would be to have a stereo jack or two rcas hanging for example out the ash/coin tray. I would use these to plug in a mp3 player. Since the player supports some CD-changers, I would imagine that it would be possible to "fool" the player and hook anything up to it. Seen this done in a bmw, plug in the mp3 player and hit the CD/tape button, http://jeff.quartzcomm.com/bmw/e46mp3/ Any ideas? I'd appreciate any help
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