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  1. hello mate you need pin out data for both ecu's yours and the 3s, if you undo the 4 screws on top of the ecu it should be on there. when i done my conversion i used the 3s engine loom as most of the wires go from the engine to the ecu, also i kept the original alternator wiring/reverse switch and speed sensor wiring, im sure dawsey will be along soon he has done a few 3s conversion and knows loads more then me about them
  2. thought so,i seen some pics of it looked a nice and neat conversion looking forward to seeing the rav.
  3. was it a yellow corolla over in ireland?
  4. welcome along, there is a guy on here with a 3sgte converted rav un sure if a v6 one has ever been done though
  5. any pics of how short they are mate? do you no anyone with a welder might be able to extend the rails
  6. if only it was that easy lol, thought about it though, was even thinking twin turbo supra lump and rear wheel drive, but im goin to run this year forge my spare engine and go from there(well thats the plan anyway lol)
  7. nos is used in 3rd gear fixxed hit but i am goin to get a controller as i get a fair bit of spin in 3rd, had a look at the site cheers for posting it up
  8. nos is used in 3rd gear fixxed hit but i am goin to get a controller as i get a fair bit of spin in 3rd, had a look at the site cheers for posting it up
  9. yeah nos is used, got traction probs at the moment wont 12 sec bye end of the year
  10. im running nos mate, would highly recomend a wizards of nos kit though
  11. My best time is 13.3 @110mph, on the dyno it made 242 bhp with 264 torque and with nos it made 331 bhp with 416 torque, thats an st 185 engine with air filter 3 inch exhaust and de cat 1 bar boost and a front mount intercooler with an uprated fuel pump
  12. lol sorry not a chance mate, any way thats me done on the topic,all the best with your mods and your power gains you have got lol
  13. Your right on that i do spend to much time reading this, so lets agree to dis agree on this as we are getting no where fast
  14. but you cant prove your times, you have came on here saying its really quick but your mods list is a complete joke, do you see why we question it? as said its all right saying it does 300 bhp cars, but with no proof (it would be like me saying my car can do a 10sec 1/4 with a standard 3sgte conversion) also a wrx would be alot faster around the track then your car i know your goin to say but i have seen them beat a wrx, but thats not your car are we behind with technology? come on are you a complete !Removed!
  15. im not takin any offense,i dont even care that you are so deluded about your stupid mods and the bhp gain you think you are getting, the best bit of all a year or so ago you got slated about them and we said prove it and in well over a year you havnt. so i doubt you ever will, the real truth of it is you will never as 99% of your bhp gain you have stated is just silly
  16. no mate as an n/a engine doesnt make boost preasure that makes the dump valve go off
  17. so have you done a 1/4 mile with a time slip to prove it?(my guess is no)
  18. Totally agree. If you could present us with dyno figures and the slip to back it up i'll be happy to eat my words :) x3 please prove us wrong, dont think you will but thats my opinion
  19. ha ha i do 1/4 mile racing the orange wheels are on the front with my slicks on, i spend money on real mods not stupud magnets on fuel lines, got some advice for you if you hoover your car out with a dyson that will give you 3hp over any other hoover
  20. sorry but you dont have a clue mate, after reading this you did make me laugh lots, you must be one of those guys that buys some thing off e bay for about £2 and because it says it will give you 30bhp you think is true sorry its not, the reason leeky may seem to be funny is he knows what he is talking about and you dont
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